Sony Ericsson P960 Walkman Phone


It seems that Sony Ericsson is coming up with a product that is supposed to be competition for the upcoming iPhone. It won’t be out until Q4 of 2007 and it seems it has a lot of great features.


  • 2.6″ touch sensitive display
  • Video Support
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • UTMS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Symbian OS
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera

I like the design of the Sony Ericsson phones and this one seems just as nice the ones currently coming out.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. if it less than $600 then I guess it can be a competitor to iphone.

  2. Sin

    the features are pretty damn impresssive with the stylus and wifi,etc. but one thing that would annoy me, would be that it doesn’t have a 4 way nav. key. Anywho, I’d give it a shot though.

  3. I love sony ericssons!

    I already owned two and I am gonna get this one when it comes out, the only bad thing about them is the joystick which stops working after a year with me :( ! (but this one doesn’t have any joystick!)

  4. Carlsb3rg

    You dont need a joystick. It has a jogdial like the M600,W950 and it’s touchscreen, and you can use ur fingers (SE advertised that themselves). The screen is scratch resistant.

    It also has Shake control (move the phone left/right for previous/next music track and shake to shuffle) and accelerometer that turns the screen vertically/horizontally when view pictures/videos.

    Definitely getting one :D

  5. It’s like long-awaited device. And it’s run UIQ3. How it would run without Nav key?

  6. Sin

    my bad, thanks for letting me know that carls, but if it goes over 280 KD its a no-no for me.

  7. The thing is when I buy a phone I get used to it and stick to it till it actually dies.. I dont follow the cell phone trends… well, the iPhone may break that habbit for me.. I cant wait to try it and see if I like it enough to buy it!

  8. my bro showed me this i think yesterday night, i really like .. it’s seems pretty cool

  9. Very cool features! But as angelo mentioned, the price is important!

  10. well…I think its nothing compared to iPhone, but its a much better music device than iPhone.

  11. Angelo: I’m not sure how much its going to be but it has to be competitive for sure!

    Sin: Same here, I would give it a shot but it all depends on its size!

    eliedh: So you should be happy this has no joystick, just a touch screen dial!

    Carlsb3rg: Its going to be sweet for sure, but I’m curious about the shake feature for sure! No msrp yet, but waiting to see!

    Ansam: I buy phones which are more functional for my needs, but I don’t find the iPhone to fit my needs!

    Laialy: yeah, I think its cool too!

    Nora: loooool, I was waiting for that!

    N: yup, waiting to see that!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: we shall see!

  12. No Phones for me until the iPhone comes out

  13. G-Funk: when you get it post up some pictures!

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