Brain Malfunctioning


I was happy I managed to hang out with my cousin yesterday, we got caught up with Jericho and we might be starting a new series as well. I’m exhausted from the past couple of days but still chugging along! We both had a Fudruckers Cheeseburger which was pretty damn good!

Over the next couple of days I’m loaded with meetings and I really don’t feel like them but I have to finish up, and it seems I really have to travel for one day to finish meetings! Too much on my plate and all I want to do is relax just a little bite.

I also need to call up Tristar to pickup the Robo and Pyro since they both need some work done, and then I need to take care of a few other things! I’m just looking forward to my nephew passing by today!

Im looking forward to the switch over of the weekend they I get one extra day to sleep in!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sounds like one eventful week for you :-)
    I hope you get to travel to a nice place for a change heehee
    hmmm Fudruckers! I want! Its been AGES since I last went there!

  2. Duckie

    I ate Fuddy yesterday too.

    I always wanted to say this: Wouldn’t it be nice to balance your life with a good strong job but only one that gives you plenty of time too to enjoy travellling (for leisure), practice your hobbies, have a decent fulfilling relationship and play all those games & watch those animes?

  3. Allah e3eenik Mr.workaholic
    hope u have a good weekend ^_^ and a safe trip

  4. Ansam: I didn’t go there! we ordered to go from the Thahya Abdulla Salem branch! Its for work so it isn’t that fun! hehehe

    Duckie: I don’t think there is a job out there like that!!! hehehehe! To have a good strong job you have to jump straight in! And I dived in! hehehe! I just don’t sleep!

    Laialy: loooool! Its going to be a work weekend as well, just going for one day, less then 24 hours!

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