Obama Barack


If you haven’t heard of Obamar Barack he is currently running as the Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2008. He is the complete Opposite of George Bush, he is intelligent, tactful, and he can spell without chocking on a pretzel. He has a lot going for him, and usually people have positive and negative points about a candidate but I don’t think any president has had a fan like Obama Girl.


I have never wanted to switch places with a Presidential Candidate as I have now! I think Obama Girl will tip the poles in the favor of Obama Barack! Please check out “I Got A Crush On Obama” its fantastic!!!!


Link: Obama Girl



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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I eat the corn out of her shit. Love mixed ladies Specially black for the boooooooooooootay

  2. this year is going to interesting with Obama and a black american and Hilary as a woman

  3. I wonder how it will turn out.. seems like it will be giuliani tho

  4. Hilary FTW! i really really want a woman to be president. not that it’d affect me directly, but it’s nice to see how things will turn around.
    I don’t know if Bush is running again also, but if he is, I most certainly hope he doesn’t win. his only chance of winning is if people followed the saying “Better the devil you know”

  5. Fhaid, I don’t think Bush can run again.

    and a question for those who are into american politics, aren’t Obama and Clinton both democrats, so at the end only one of them will run against one republican, no :S ?

  6. wow ! :D
    Obama’s the man ! wish I had a fan like her ! ;)

  7. Corolla Man: hahahahahahahahahha!

    Laialy: thats for sure, I want to see how its going to go and who is going to win!

    pearls: yup! She Hawt!

    N: Who cares! Its all about Obama Girl!

    Fhaid: Bush can’t run, he has already gone through two terms!

    eliedh: yes they are both Democrats so we shall see how things turn out!

    mathew: hehehe! Thank you, i agree!

  8. jewaira

    She has a very nice body and is good looking.

    But I found the song to be an insult to women in general – women voters – and to the potential candidate Barrack Obama.

    I know you’re going to say I am a spoil sport but I don’t like the sexual innuendos in her song.

    I feel it is degrading.

  9. Oh, then thank god. i’m not into politics so… yeah.

  10. I have to say she does look amazing and she has a nice voice!! I wouldn’t blame you for changing sides just for her!! ;)

    I think it’ll be interesting elections with a woman and a black man!!!

  11. Biohazard

    Attention whoring.. It seems to be working for her. Getting her image out there.


  12. Khris

    Perhaps you should make sure you’re quoting names right before you use them.

    It’s Barack Obama…….not Obama Barack. It’s even on the Time Magazine cover!! How daft can you be?

  13. jewaira: yup she is nice looking, but I agree with you it doesn’t help a womans position! But at the same time I know she is doing this for the publicity and becoming famous! It is degrading to women, yes, but for her it will satisfy her needs to become famous even for 15 minutes!

    Fhaid: loool!

    EniGma: I like the combination too!

    Nora: looool! She is nice! This will be an interesting elections for sure!

    Biohazard: yup, you are right! But not my issue! hehehe

    Khris: Don’t really care since that wasn’t the point! Not Daft, just not a matter!

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