One Chair Multiple Uses


For the dorm rooms this is the perfect chair its a normal chair which you can tilt and increase the hieght. By pulling the latch you can detach the seat from the from the stool and have a rocker chair for gaming + a spare seat, or stool, or side table. Its one of those fucntional chairs and for $240 it really works for the dorm or room use.

Link: TheBachelorGuy

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  1. wow what a good idea. It’s on the expensive side for a dorm chair but still it’s really multifunctional ya3ni yeswa itha a77ad ma 3enda mukan.

  2. 200 bucks isn’t cheap … but it sure is practical for small spaces
    but i would go for a chair that is more sleek and has clean lines

  3. totally hot for the crib! A den or dowaniya or somethin

  4. It’s nice but a little over priced in my opinion.

  5. eshda3wa: yup its pretty cool!

    1001: what I like is the multiple use for it!

    Laialy: yeah I agree but this chair has its positive parts!

    pearls: yup!

    Ansam: hehehe!

    N: yup, I think it would be great of the right den!

    eliedh: I think the price reflects the mutlifunctionality and quality!

  6. Nora: Im comfortable with mine now, but in gaming room this would be great!

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