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I always take a look around for good backpacks that are simple and offer a lot of functionality for normal use as well as carrying laptops. It seems Incase got the combination right with very simple clean designs as well as protection for the laptop. They also make protective sleeves, and cater especially to Apple products, but their bags can be used for all types of laptops.

Sling Pack


Link: Incase Products

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  1. wow..I love it man, it matches my style.
    I don’t know how you manage to come with such ideas for posts, but all I know is that you ROCK.

  2. I’m a proud owner of the Sling pack for two years now. and i have to say that it’s worth every penny you are going to spend on it . very sophisticated and unique . does the job and very comfortable to wear .. really recommend it .

  3. Those look quite cool. Which are generally more comfy though, the double strap or single strap ones?

  4. i swear to god i was just gonna buy the sling bag today for my macbook pro at bestbuy .. but the price tag was a lil hefty ..85$

  5. I am definitely going to check this one out! It looks very useful. Thanks

  6. Muh’d M. Mansour: looool! dude, its just posting and doing what I do! Simple as that!

    G-Funk: Sweet, that is good! I know they do look good, the problem for me is when I’m riding the bike! The Sling would move sideways!

    Laialy: yup!

    N: It all depends on your comfort level! I used to use the double strap before, but I really like the single strap!

    DJ X Fader: Its worth it, they are really nice!

    Ansam: no prob! It will do the job!

  7. Marzouq :

    it shouldn’t if you strap it properly

  8. I thought I was the only one always looking for good backpacks… It seems to be something that biker always look for. I never noticed that till I did meet few bikers in my life that all have been so interested in backpacks!! Even if you sell you bike or stay without one for some years you just find yourself still looking for the backpacks!! It’s kind of funny! Isn’t it?

  9. G-Funk: When riding motorcycles I have one that is sling type strap but a strap around the waist as well, when riding one strap just doesn’t hold becauase of the high speed movement!

    Nora: Yeah, its true!! I’m always looking at cool aerodynamic backpacks that will carry things as well as protect them while I’m riding!

  10. It is designed to fit the MAcbook Pro or the powerbook. but since you don’t own any of them, look else where :-p

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