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Microsoft Surface



Essentially Surface is a high powered computer built into a beautiful looking table with a 30-inch touch sensitive screen that can recognize objects placed on it. Using dynamic touch, infrared cameras, and physical objects, users can order food, browse photos, load their Zune with music, play games and a lot more. While it would be great to have one of these as the new coffee table in the house, Microsoft is targeting retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues with a price range of $5,000 to $10,000.


This technology has been around for a little while now being developed for custom applications for military, government, and corporate customers. Currently Microsoft has taken this technology and applied it to this new idea of a product. They are aiming for certain business consumers rather then regular consumers, but they will have regular consumers who will want to get their hands on this, it just really reminds me of the Minority Report. Check out the video link below it has some pretty funky features.

Link: Brightcove