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Around the house


I really enjoy when I come back from work and here noises inside the house, it only means one thing my nephew is in the vicinity! Then I hear him running around with a ball or balloons! So I go upstairs and start running after him, whats great is that he has learned some new words!

My name has also taken a transformation:

  • First time he said it was – MAJOOK and that was the last time
  • then he keeps saying MAMDOOK.. now that has phased out as well
  • and now when he comes to the entrance of my room and my back is to him while on the computer he says AGOOOK and runs off knowing I’m going to chase him around the hall!

I honestly find it funny when he says my name how, and the other day he told me “NAWTEEEEE” (naughty) and slapped me, I was in total shocked and I started laughing really hard, I couldn’t believe he did that! But he seems to keep telling me I’m NAWTEEEE, he seemed to have learned the truth quickly!

And my niece is adorable she is only a few months old and she is curious! I love carrying her around and my nephew is doing his thing at the same time!