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I really enjoy when I come back from work and here noises inside the house, it only means one thing my nephew is in the vicinity! Then I hear him running around with a ball or balloons! So I go upstairs and start running after him, whats great is that he has learned some new words!

My name has also taken a transformation:

  • First time he said it was – MAJOOK and that was the last time
  • then he keeps saying MAMDOOK.. now that has phased out as well
  • and now when he comes to the entrance of my room and my back is to him while on the computer he says AGOOOK and runs off knowing I’m going to chase him around the hall!

I honestly find it funny when he says my name how, and the other day he told me “NAWTEEEEE” (naughty) and slapped me, I was in total shocked and I started laughing really hard, I couldn’t believe he did that! But he seems to keep telling me I’m NAWTEEEE, he seemed to have learned the truth quickly!

And my niece is adorable she is only a few months old and she is curious! I love carrying her around and my nephew is doing his thing at the same time!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Duckie

    *gasp* Alas! I have lived to see the day when my duckie in shining armour stood galantly in front of me! *looking at the orange duckie*

    Kneeling down, “Quackie Quack Quack sweet sugary-do… I guarantee that there will be times when you and I will not be able to put up with all those silly humans who cannot understand us feathery creatures and I also know that there will be a time when you or I will be so angry and want a way out of our lovely duckie nest and 3 junior eggs but I also know that if I dont ask thee duckie love to be mine this very instant then I shall regret it for the rest of my life- MARRY ME!!!!!”

    *2007 female duckies are allowed to propose to male prospects- it’s the ‘IN’ thing now.

  2. marzouq will you be uncle for a week when i get back?

  3. allah ekhalehom Inshallaa
    on my trip to Sharm i had to sleep next to a 2 year old for 5 day’s and it is daaaaaamn hard i tell ya :p

  4. Jafar

    I do not mean to concern you but I would ask his mother if she has told him ” naughty” with a slap ? otherwise she should look closer to the nanny around him. His action is not funny & might have some background experience with him envolved directly to other children infront of him.

  5. Bo Saleh

    be a good uncle,

    teach ur nephew to play with his balls. when he raised, he will understand ?

  6. Duckie

    Jafar 9al 3anibi, seriously! I understand where you’re coming from but its absolutely normal kids pick up words like that. My nephews used to say NAUGHTY NAUGHTY when they were young too cuz we used to playfully criticize them when they do something silly. I used to press my nephew’s nose and say “Naughty boy!” or bite his butt whenever he does anything annoying and call him naughty…3adi … dont look too deep into things =)

  7. vampire: thanks!

    Duckie: loooooool! I can understand that! hehehe

    eshda3wa: loooooool! I only run around those are less then 80 cm tall! hehehe

    Laialy: mashkoora!! hehehehe! I know what you mean!

    Jafar: boys will be boys! Its as simple as that! Nothing more!

    Bo Saleh: looool!

    Duckie: yes its as simple as that!

    EniGma: hehehe!

  8. Allah aekhalehom enshalla! Don’t you love it when they see you and come running! “Khaliiiiiii/3ammmiiiii MaJOOOK” (as they would probably say it :p) LOL! I love it when my nephew does that.

  9. AGOOOOK…..:p…i have the same feelings with my cousins…esp my 1st cousin who’s learning how to talk…hehe..she cracks me up everytime…Allah ykhalleehom…tara bes at this age u can love them afterwards they become a headache…:P

  10. I really like reading you nephew’s and niece’s stories!!! They make me smile! :D

  11. N: yeah, I do enjoy it but he is limited to one word and hasn’t advanced it yet! Its fun seeing them run to you!

    MAZE: looooool! mashkoor! No headache at all, I enjoy playing and messing around with the kids!

    Nora: I’m happy you enjoy them!

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