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Quick Prep


Just running around finishing up a few things before getting on the plane. I didn’t pack the night before since I’m only there less then a day.

This is my check list that I’m going through:

  • Tickets – Check
  • Hotel Booking – Check
  • Passport – Check
  • Cash – Check
  • Laptop – Check
  • Camera – Check
  • MP3 Player – Check
  • Phone – Check
  • Chargers – Check

Places to go after meeting:

  • Movies
  • Meat Company (Never been there before)
  • Emirates Mall

I packed pair of everything just to make sure I have a back-up if I need, I’m pretty sure of what I’m wearing and I’m taking this really small bag with me, it looks bigger then it is. I usually use it as a carry on in the US, so I hope they will let me carry it while on the plane.

Thats about it for me, going back and forth real quick!