Items On the Way


There is a certain level of anticipation when you know your getting a package but you don’t know when exactly your getting it. Its always a fun feeling, but I’m also anxious because I want to get my hands on some of the stuff.

Stuff On the Way:

  • New Hard Drive to Replace the Failed one
  • Ergotron LX Dual Monitor Deskmount
  • Hellboy and Highlander DVDs

Some are closer then the others, the DVDs are almost here but its the other items that I need more.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Oh i LOVE the feeling of anticipation, and oh dear god when the package arrives, it feels so good.

    hope you enjoy the contents ;p

    btw, is hellboy and highlander HD?

  2. hellboy!! the movie you mean? i recall it being not that great :/

  3. Yes, the feeling.. i know it, I miss it, I think i’ll go make myself happy now

  4. Fhaid: The anticipation is great! nope they aren’t in HD! These are the cartoons!

    Laialy: that is the cartoon not the movies!!!

    N: looooool! Amazon makes everyone happy!

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