Nicole Scherzinger


She “was” the lead singer to the Pussy Cat Dolls and now she is off making her own carear in the music industry. I really like her voice, great package looks and talent, and she can really move.

I didn’t even know it was her singing with P Diddy in Come to me, check out the YouTube video, I especially like the last 40 seconds of the music video they sure can dance!

Link: YouTube

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  1. she sure is talented
    i personally think she is the reason PCD made it big

  2. Purgatory

    She is just a dancer, and she will not last long.

  3. lol she still is the lead of the pussycat dolls, their releasing their sophomore album, stupidly titled “Double the Trouble”, and she’s releasing her solo album the same year titled “Her Name Is Nicole”. i love her, though the Pussycat Dolls has more than just her, they have 4 other talented dolls. and the others are just add-ons lol.

  4. good music…but i’m sure if she knew that i dance better the P.Diddy she would have dumped him!…:P

  5. Biohazard

    She was in two failed bands before PCD..

    Anyway, she’s so hawwt I’d listen to an entire album of her just coughing.

  6. lol @ biohazard! I’m loading the video now. I totally agree, hotness and great music and dancing!

  7. Corolla Man (AE86)

    The only thing that make her good is her body. People is looking at her body and say she is a good singger. Bunch of BOLONY

  8. Laialy: yup, I think she gave the group attitude!

    Evil Knievel: looool!

    Purg: I think she will be around for a little while, but I’m enjoying it anyways!!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: I think she has the most talent from them as well!

    Fhaid: They do have some talented people but she is key!! I will be checking out her album for sure!

    MAZE: loooool! I would like to see that one!

    Biohazard: So she knows how to make it work!! hehehe! looool!

    N: yup the dancing is hawt!

    EniGma: can’t blame you!

    Corolla Man: looooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!! BOLONY 3aad! hahahaa

  9. I don’t know!!! I never liked her, but I like the music she’s been making!! It’s good to dance on! You know that Pussy Cat Dolls come from Pussy Cat Strip Club!?? So yes they can defiantly dance, but voice not really sure I would agree with you!

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