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I haven’t flown Emirates Airlines in a while so its a new experience, overall I liked it but I think there are other airlines better then it for short haul flights. The service and staff were helpful and nice during check-in and on the plane. The plane was only 30 minutes late which isn’t too bad since this has turned into the norm. The food was nothing special on the plane, but you do have a very large selection of entertainment to choose from their “ICE” (entertainment) system. The planes at this point are looking a bit old and are need of an update.


The only problem I had was that Dubai International Airport was so large that my arms got tired carrying the briefcase for so long, the airport is huge and with the expansion its supposed to be even bigger.






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  1. I used to live in Dubai and fly Emirates often. I was also there during the changeover between the old and new airports. The new airport’s great in comparison with the old one – it amazed me as I had to “step over” people lying on the floor. But as for Emirates Airlines – they’re good, but they suffer from the airport infrastructure now – not just the lack of gates meaning LOTS of bus rides for passengers, but MOST airport staff (security, Dnata staff helping with transfers, etc) are rude and unpleasant. This is why I avoid actually flying Emirates, because I don’t want to have to deal with moving about this airport any more. Also, if I’m going to be bussed to and from the plane, I may as well fly Qatar which has a quieter airport, newer planes, and seemingly nicer staff, and way way lower prices.


  2. I haven’t been there in a while. Are there shuttle services? A mini metro that takes you to different terminals? Or is just walk walk walk!

  3. never been to UAE nor have i been on their planes :/

  4. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I think That it is still WALk and Walk and still Walk. I Have been in Emirate Airlines they are always late no matter what they are always late, Therefore i rather go by jazeera airline which is do not give a F*&K just leave you if you are late, which makes 200 passengers happy and one passenger not jappy, instead making one passenger happy and 200 passenger unhappy beacause they are late

  5. maha

    the new expansion is just for Emirates Airlines

  6. moocherx: hmmm that is an interesting point of view. You do have a few points regarding that! The ground staff were a bit stiff, I wouldn’t say rude! I will be trying out Qatar Airways soon though!

    N: There aren’t shuttle services from the front of the airport to the gate! Its just a huge distance! walk walk walk!!

    Laialy: Its worth a visit for sure!

    Corolla Man: I agree with you 100%! Jazeera has been great!

    Maha: hmmm that is going to be interesting since they have a lot of coordination to do!

  7. sharbel

    i would like to get the Emirates theme music.
    a very comforting song
    any chance i could get tht ?


    SD –

  8. sharbel: Sorry no clue where to get it from!

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