Mall of the Emirates


There is more at Mall of the Emirates then a little Window shopping, there is something for everyone to see in this mall. It is a large mall and my feet were killing me from walking around so much, but whats great is the variety of stores available to each consumer. After my first visit to the mall in 2006 I still remember where to go and what shops I liked, they are all in one branch instead of stretched out in different parts of the mall. It seems to be seperated into clothing, jewelery, high-end consumer goods, hobby items, consumer electronics, food, and a few other parts.



I had a few shops I wanted to check out, and I wanted to go to the movies so I made sure I went there all in the perfect time based on the movie. I love walking around there, but you get the feeling that you really are not in the Middle East. I ended up helping an American couple pick out a wireless router for their new home as well as talking to some other people about a new shop. Whats nice is that a lot of people are very approachable when you want to ask something. I don’t think I even managed to cover half of the mall during the time I was there.











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  1. I loved Mall of Emirates :) The best thing about it was that they had something for everyone! You could stay there an entire day and not get bored. You’ve taken some wonderful pictures!

  2. loooooooooooooool
    did u check out that guys shoes who is under the palm tree
    tell him Aladin wants his shoes back kaaaak

  3. loooool w/ Laialy’s comment! Did you actually know that was/is the kinda in style now for shoes! It looks ridiculous!

  4. i miss that ice cream shop near the hotel entrance

  5. maha

    Umm I miss every thing there .. thanks for posting those nice pictures brought back memories

  6. I think I should book for a vacation to Dubai this summer. Need some ME time.

  7. I wanted to go to the movies so I made sure I went there all in the perfect time based on the movie.

    ARGHHH!!! heehee what movie was it anyway!!?

    Ana khalait kil shay o rakkazt 3al movie :-P

  8. Zahra: Seriously the place is fantastic and I didn’t take enough pictures of the whole place!! There is so much to see!

    Laialy: looooool! I knew you would be the one to spot that! hahha

    N: Hell no, no way I would even where the Aladdin shoes!!!

    3baid: same here! hahaha

    Mark: seriously!! Just great mall!

    vampire: never seen it before!

    maha: no prob! I want to go there again soon, got plans!!!

    Jacqui: seriously, you should! you would love what they got!

    Ansam: Fantastic Four! hehehee! U should go to it!

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