Rethinking the Case

After looking around for a bit and seeing what other boutique computer stores use as parts I have rethought the case that I want to use. I usually look for a simple and solid case which will do the job. I usually don’t want too many random features which won’t be of use to me, I want functional features and at this point these are the three cases that I am looking at and I am having a hard time choosing. They are ranked by choice, but they are all excellent cases.

What I’m looking for:

  • Very Solid Build
  • Great Airflow to keep things cool
  • Space to work in, for expandability and organization. Lots of 5.25 and 3.25 slots.

Currently these are the ones that fit the criteria:

  1. Zalman GT 1000
  2. Cooler Master CM Stacker 832
  3. Thermaltake Soprano DX



Cooler Master




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  1. I’m not as much into hardware as I used to be. I have heard however that Thermaltake is quite popular and very very good!

  2. I would suggest last one :P Looks like a hot mofo :P

  3. Mo Hat

    Thermaltake Armour LOADS space. and bays. Awesome cooling.

  4. N: Yes thermaltake is popular but all the other brands are very solid!

    K: man its not as easy as I thought! Those three are the best!

    Jacqui: loooool! I like the simple look of the first one!

    Mo Hat: hmmmm, I like the other ones because of the simple breakdown of it!

    Laialy: damn, everybody went for number 3!!!

  5. MeHRAJA

    I’m using the Zalman GT 1000, it’s a super case to keep your computer cool at all times, I rarely turn off my computer and still manages to keep it cool at all times, the material used is freakin awsome just try placing tyour hand on it till it worms then lift your hand for few seconds and place it back you’ll find the surface is cool again.

    Yet it does have a slight of a problem, I used to use Thermaltake aluminum Hightower, it was good, I used it for 5 years with the same rarely turned off usage, some times it gets over heated but the fan control solved this problem, the Thermal take had a plastic filter in the sucktion fans, which prevented most of the dust from getting in and obsorbing more heat. The Zalman GT 1000 doesn’t have the filter feature and can get really dusty in such a short time especially these days when the weather is almost dusty once every week like today.

    I’ve been told that the filter has been canceled in the new Thermaltake models but yet I’m not so sure of this information, I haven’t looked it on the net yet to be honest.

    The final result of this long bluff is that I’m very satisfied with my Zalman case and really Lovin it.

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