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I was walking around in Mall of the Emirates when I stumbled upon Borders as I was walking to the Electronics wing of the mall. I was in total shock and I couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me. I felt like a kid who just discovered the biggest toy store in the world staring right in front of him. The first thing I thought is that now I have a reason to visit Dubai more often. I went straight in and all I wanted to do was buy books and other things, but I had to hold off since I only had a carry on! It was fantastic, I really wanted to just stay there the rest of the day! I was so happy, I just going from section to section checking out the books, I couldn’t believe it. I thought it may be fake and they bought the name without the quality books but I was happily wrong! They had all the books I was looking for and more! I felt I was in my zone, there was a book for every person. So much to see and so little time! It has been open for 6 months, and the last time I visited was July of 06. They have a very large selection of books, and very well presented, its worth a visit.


















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  1. How were the prices? Were they marked up a lot?

  2. Why didn’t you take the picture of the Romance section?! Why the Science Fiction!?

    And now you’re making me want to go there! It actually reminds me of the design of Borders Washington DC

  3. fuck they had a moleskine section and i missed it!

  4. DayDreamer

    To begin with, I’m getting addicted to your blog. Very interesting.

    I miss borders! I haven’t been there for a while (a week actually :p). It’s my second home. I’m glad they opened it here in Dubai. Unlike virgin, it’s so quiet and the environment really inspires you to buy more and more books.

  5. They’re going to open in Muscat in September or October, and unlike the Mall of the Emirates one the one in Muscat will also have music and movies. Apparently, Virgin Megastore’s agreement with Mall of the Emirates doesn’t allow any other shop to sell music and movies.

  6. jewaira

    Maybe they will open one here in Kuwait too :)

    I saw Borders when I last went to Dubai too. It is much much quieter than the Virgin shop there.

  7. @@
    i’ll tell you a secret: every once and a while i like to go there :p

  8. I’ll be waiting patiently for its arrival in the country!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Amazing, I must go to Dubai, just for the store.
    As for opening in Kuwait, it’s highly unlikely, the reader base is too small, especially English speaking reader base. beside that, the censorship will kill it.

  10. Zahra: Honestly the prices werent that bad in comparison!

    vampire: I didn’t have the space!

    Jacqui: looooool! I knew you would want that, it isn’t for me though so I thought it would be useless! hahaha!! You should check it out you would like that for sure!

    Mark: seriously, they have every kind!!!

    Daydreamer: looool! thats nice you get to go there often!! We don’t have anything like that in Kuwait because of the government!

    muscati: That is interesting, Virgin has the media locked in, so what about Carefour do they have any media?

    jewaira: I don’t think that would happen with the state of the parliment. Yeah I really liked Borders since I could sift through a couple of books!

    Laialy: looooooool! I thought you were anti-books! hehehe

    N: You will be waiting a long time!

    Anonymous Coward: I think you are mistaken, there is a large group of english readers in Kuwait as well as arabic. The problem is that we aren’t even given the option to see or read anything.

  11. Carrefour’s different bcz it’s owned by Majid Al Futtaim who also owns the mall la

  12. Marzouq you are torturing me here. The store looks huge and very organized…we sooo need this

    Dammit, I’m moving to Dubai and find a job and live there instead

  13. Muh’d M. Mansour: yup its big and nice!

    muscati: aha!! thanks for pointing that out!

    Angelo: looool! I don’t like living Dubai or visiting much but this Bookstore will make me want to go!

  14. Beautifully organized! Glad to see such thing in an Arab country, because when I did travel around I never saw such book shops! Even here in Cyprus they are not found! :(

    I need to go to Finland to get some new books! ;)

  15. Abraham

    Finally…i was searching for a Moleskin pocket sketch. by the looks of it i may find one at borders. has anyone checked out the moleskin section? would i find a pocket scetch there?

  16. simplydifferent

    great place .they have many different things ,but they dont always have the book that i want .

  17. thanks for those pictures….really nice. And the store looks bigger than the one in Muscat. My novel is being released through Borders in the UK and am hoping to release it from Borders Dubai and Muscat in a couple of months.

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