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Same Time


I think that I am close to burning out but I’m not sure! Yesterday wasn’t hectic as much as there was a lot to do during work and after work, and a lot of what I was doing was pleasure but at the cost of rest! I have been running on low battery and I’m sure where the energy is coming from but I was doing a lot.

I was king of Multi-Tasking!

This is what was going on and what I did parallel:

  • Work until 5:30pm – Lots of meetings, talking, emails, paperwork and driving from meetings
  • Got home found packages (HD & Desk Mount)
  • Installed New Replacement HD in Laptop and began Vista Install
  • Started putting together the Desk Mount since its in lots of parts and requires concentrated assembly
  • Tristar delivered Robo back to my care
  • Test road Robo around the block
  • Continued Vista Install
  • Mount the Desk Mount on my desk after drilling it
  • Finished Vista install
  • Mounted two E228WFP screens to the Ergotron Desk Mount
  • Washed up and went to dinner with some friends because I had to go for a special occasion
  • Its 1 am and I’m still up and I have be at work at 7:45 am