CompU Me


Comp U Me is one the computer stores inside Mall of the Emirates, I was drawn to it as I was walking by. When I walked in I was scanning the horizon because there were so many products available.


They had every manufacturer such as HP, Dell, Acer, Logitech, Belkin, SMC, Linksys, Netgear, Buffalo, Sony, Western Digital, Maxtor, Onkyo, LG, Denon, Wharfedale, and a whole lot more.


I could tell that prices were sometimes significantly more then online prices, and sometimes they were relatively close, but the one thing that I like was the variety. Even if there was a difference in price I would have bought a few of the products if I had a bag to carry them such as the Logitech diNovo Edge and Alto. When a consumer has a large selection of products, and presented in a accessible manner then the consumer would want to get a few essential items and pick up other items on the way out. Variety and presentation is key, it isn’t always about the bargain. They even had an alienware computer which was surprising.












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  1. i need a case for my laptop so bad -_-
    i found one in marina but it was 22 KD.
    i think that it waaaaay to much for a carrying case

  2. Letmego

    wow! the place looks quite promising.Reminds me of Computer City in Rehab.The place is big enough but the stuff there are same as i those in the cheesy hawally shops and at higher prices!!

  3. *drools*

    We soooooo need a place like that in Kuwait. Did you manage to buy anything even though its prices a bit high?

  4. Laialy: yeah that is expensive for a carrying case!

    Letmego: I dont think you really looked at the pics there are products there that they wouldn’t even bring to Kuwait! And prices are around the same, check out the place and I think you will see it differently!

    Angelo: I couldn’t buy anything because if I started I wouldn’t stop!

  5. That is just WOW!!! I miss Finland now!! I’m missing all that in Cyprus! :(

  6. Alienware.. live, they are a myth in stores here in Kuwait.. lol!

  7. Nora: So they don’t have this in Cyprus either! hmmmm

    N: Yeah I know what you mean! Its like legend for us gamers! hehehe

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