Laptop Vista Install


I got my new hard drive in and so I started installing Microsoft Vista right away. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but I’m familiar with the setup and process. I started with the CDs copying the information and went from there. There were three things I was worried about which were the wireless adapter, screen adapter, and sound adapter. As I started the install I went through all the prompts fairly quickly.


As I got to the log-on screen I waited for the graphics to adjust a bit before working completely, but to my delight everything worked like a hitch. No problems with the wireless, sound, hard drive, screen, and other hardware components. Everything was working fine, I just need to do some tweaking for the screen since it needs all the correct drivers which are available from Alienware.




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  1. Oh well ! … here we go again . Another windows installation !! How many times have you done that this month ? what a headache ! Do i have to reinstall windows every time i want to get things right ? Gosh !! man give yourself a rest . make the switch !!!

  2. hehe.. I thought laialy was saying macbook :P

  3. I have to admit, Vista looks cool and very organized. And I’m digging the Samurai Shamploo wallpaper :)

  4. Laialy: Thanks!

    G-Funk: hehehee! I think I drive you nuts! loooool! No switching, I just keep trying different things! hehe

    kodder: hehehe

    Angelo: the wallpaper is a must! heheh

  5. Marzouq : Don’t. I feel better when i see you have to go through all this just to make things work :p I’m happy with my mac . No worries or headaches .. enjoy living in windows world :)

  6. How long did the installation take?

  7. G-Funk: hahaha! I’m enjoying everyworld! A little tweaking here and there is always fun!

    N.: 45 minutes and I was goofing around with other stuff!

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