LAX Wall Mounted Desk


This is the desk which is to be used in limited workspaces with functionality being the main feature in the limited space. It has sliding doors with a wide working area and its only 20 inches deep. There is the combination of the Desk and Shelf which work together in the limited space, I like the style but it is for limited spaces. Price is $675 to $975.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. not thats hot, i like that a lot actually …. i love the clean lines and the simplicity

  2. I love it as well… I want my entire future house to be modernistic. What can I do i am a modern lover ;p

  3. Love it, but the fact that it’s mounted to the walls , means it would need re-installing in case of any re-decoration and renovations.

  4. It looks very tidy though and very “Mac” like LOL :D

  5. Laialy: thats what I like too the simplicity and clean lines!

    Jacqui: yeah it is nice, but the problem with doing this type of thing is making sure you don’t get outdated quickly!

    Chroma-Trauma: you are correct, its a one time install!

    Angelo: loooool!

  6. Real real nice! I wonder if these places actually deliver to Kuwait and how much would the shipping cost! Aramex would probably charge over 40kd for that!

  7. Nora: yup its nice!

    N: yeah, the delivery is the killer for us!

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