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Planning a bit


I find it funny, whenever I try to think of planning of any kind I always think about Prison Break and plans to get out of a prison. In my case I’m just trying to organize my plans.

I have some free time this weekend and I really want to watch a couple of shows I have, my plan is to finish them all in one sitting if possible and get a lot of riding in since I have both bikes back and I want see what can be done with Pyro’s new exhaust, but I will be taking it easy since the rear tire still hasn’t been replaced. Gaming is also on the to do list since I haven’t been able to game much lately, and maybe go to one movie in the theater.

I’m trying to think about what work might be coming up since I’m aiming for travel towards the end of August heading towards to the US, but right now I have a short trip to Egypt but I just have to organize all the details. Last time I was in Egypt was about 4 years ago so its going to be fun meeting up with some friends there. Just for a few days.