Project Vista – Some Tweaks


This is a cool tweak for Vista where you can add “My Computer” to the task bar, makes access to your folders, media, documents, and programs real quick through the task bar. Since I have made this tweak it has made my access to my files that much quicker, and its a simple tweak.

Link: Lifehacker


This is a useful tweak but requires you to get down and dirty in the registry. If your screen setting is set to a high resolution then the screens on Alt+TAB looks a bit small and this tweak increases the size of the windows in the Alt +TAB screen which is really useful is if you use that tool a lot.

Link: Lifehacker

With more tweaks I am finding more useful tools for Windows Vista, customizing it to my usage.

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  1. i am staring this post, i might need it in the future :)

  2. I like the second one, the first one — i think you can do that with xp too.

  3. Laialy: just some useful tweaking tips! hehehe

    N: yup you can, the second one is very useful when switching around!

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