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Hobby Centre UAE


This is one store that I can’t help but walk into every time I pass by in Mall of the Emirates. It reminds me of my childhood sitting there for hours a day putting together those Tamiya and Kyosho cars and trucks. I think I learned my first abilities for skidding by manipulating these vehicles and making them do things they aren’t supposed to do. I still find them extremely fun if I get to control them, I just think that I don’t have the time to put one together. I never had a chance to mess around with helicopters or airplanes since they were very expensive and could do a person damage if they make a mistake. The reason I liked having cars from one brand is because I could always use one vehicle as spare parts for the other one, the problem I had was putting too much power and the gears couldn’t take it. The fun part was seeing the vehicle sliding around when they take off.