Pure Exhaustion


I haven’t had much rest the past couple of days, basically since the past weekend and everyday I haven’t been getting enough sleep due one reason or another. For the past two weeks alarms of any sort have had no affect on me and I sleep right through them. Today I reached the end point of my system, during my whole time at work I was completely fuzzy and not able to concentrate.

I came back from work thinking about jumping right into bed. I was happy to hear my nephew as I was entering the house, and I knew we were going to have a family dinner. So I thought to go to sleep early to be some what functional. I slept from 4:45 pm and woke up at 7:05 pm, I felt a lot better and took a shower, changed, and went to play with the kids running around the house and sit with the family. I was happy I got some sleep, that really made a difference. Relaxing this weekend will be a very good thing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i am not tired as much as i have become lazy :/
    Kuwait has a bad influence on me :p

  2. since my two partners gone at work (i’m alone now) and i appreciate every minute in bed

    u better have enough sleep for our Friday “EARLY” ride,, aarrrrrrggh

  3. Laialy: it has a bad influence on a lot of people! hehehe

    vampire: loooool! I will be trying to get up for sure!

  4. Nothing beats a sleep, where you have just about enough.. and wake up naturally with no alarms or phone calls!

  5. Oh dear you! Did you get a rest on the weekend?? I am so messed up with my busy life, and even the weekend is just mad and full action! I need to rest too so I know how you are feeling!

  6. N: I agree with you 100%, I haven’t had that in months I think!

    Nora: yeah, need to get some rest, its hectic and its also my fault!

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