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My Old School Phones!


Over the years I have been through a few different phones, and I usually sell my old phones if they don’t break over the years. These are some of the phones that I still have in my cupboard and I really used and abused them, each one has a story.


  • Nokia 7110 – The Matrix Phone – This was the first phone I bought myself and I loved it so much that when I broke the first one I bought another one later the same year in 1999. It had the scrolling control in the middle so we could play pong on the phone against the computer or against another player using infra-red, there isn’t even bluetooth on this phone. I took real good care of this phone and it still works.
  • Nokia 6600 – This was an interesting phone from Nokia since it was the first instance of the Symbian OS and Palm was still at the top with its PDAs! It was great with all the programs and tweaks available on this phone, it kept going for a while but then it totally crashed out after two years but it was great, I was able to use songs for ring tones!
  • Nokia 6230 – This hands down is the best phone ever made by Nokia, it could do everything you could want from a phone efficiently. My phone still works and I use it as a backup if the phone I’m using goes down for some reason. This is when they had good graphics on the phone and they could barely improve it with the 6230i, nothing could replace it and they can’t repeat such a great phone.
  • Imate SP3 – this is an interesting phone, I have been using it for years now, the Windows OS is real funky and different to deal with but surprisingly it always works with no issues, never crashed, no real problems, the interface is just a bit akward or annoying. I use it whenever I go to Europe since it has all the numbers and information stored in it. I remember riding my bike across London and wearing a sling back pack with this phone in the front pocket, it was so loud that I could always hear it while I’m riding with my headphones on.

Always a story to a phone!