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Google has at last introduced Group Chat to Google Talk, it has been a feature we have all been used to in other chat programs but I have stopped using all the other chat programs. One stipulation you can only use Group Chat on the Google Talk Gadget which is integrated into iGoogle, which is the personalized homepage for each person. Its not integrated into the Gmail Google Talk or the independent Google Talk Application.

To use group chat just click a user you want to talk to and then click the Group Chat option, then you choose someone from your contact list to add to the conversation. What I like overall about Google Talk is the smoothness and simplicity of it. I will be waiting for Google to integrate this feature to all the Google Chat options.


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  1. sounds good,, simplicity and “Lite” application are the main concerns in google,, and that’s why i’m trying to minimize the usage of my other email and trying to make my gmail account the primary

  2. hey marzouq ! long time, i miss ur blog !!
    hope ur fine..
    just wanted to let u know they hav this new ducati on display here in london..
    well i took pics for u ;p i thought i had to take pics for u..

    i gotta say it looked amazing.. just let me know how i can send them to u..

    take care :)

  3. I wonder why its not available in the software itself, they should have integrated with that first.

  4. a feature that I’m used to for such a long time on iChat . Been using Group Audio conferencing with 10 people at a time and video conference with 3 people at a time. this is nothing new. Who uses Goolge Talk anyways ? most people are either on MSN or Yahoo . most people in the states are using AIM and MSN .

    I guess windows really sucks ha ? :-p

  5. vampire: yup, I think gmail is probably the best around!

    Amo0ora: hey whats up Amo0ora, I hope you are enjoying london! Thanks for taking the pics I will email you to see what you have!

    N: They will in due time, but they tend to be a little funky over there! hehehe

    G-Funk: That is better for me, most people that I want to get in contact with are available through G-Talk so no worries for me! I dislike MSN, AIM, Yahoo or any of the others! G-Talk to bes!

    Laialy: yup, I like that feature!

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