DVDs arrival


This was really annoying, these DVDs weren’t delivered to me for a week since their arrival in Kuwait. I can’t believe they are stopping animation DVDs now. These DVDs were sent to clearance to Ministry of Information, I really can’t believe they have the time to go through this. At least I got my DVDs a week later not months later.


  • Highlander – Search for Vengeance
  • HellBoy – Blood & Iron

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    I guess it gives them something to do during the long hot days of summer :P

  2. Did they confiscate any of the DVD’s you’ve ordered ? Were they shipped via Aramex or DHL ? Did they open any of them ?

  3. jewaira: yup, something to enjoy in the basement!

    G-Funk: They stopped it for a while and checked, didn’t confiscate anything! I shipped through DHL, that is what surprised me!

  4. Marzouq : Is “Alshallal” still operative in Kuwait . i went there the other day and i couldn’t find his store . did he move ? if so where exactly ?

  5. ajay

    All forms of media,will be sent to MOI for screening,for security purposes.It usually takes 1-2 weeks .

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