Heating Up


Is it just me or is getting really hot, while running around between meetings and events outside work I had a hell of a time trying to drive. The steering wheel was so damn hot I kept moving my hands around because it felt like they were burning. The temperature said 48C which is getting pretty hot and the temp for Monday is said to go up to 51C, I can’t believe its getting this hot already.

My Landcruiser is tinted and its still getting pretty hot, I can’t imagine how it is to drive cars without tints. Tinting doesn’t necessarily mean making the window darker its also about getting the high quality tint which absorbs the heat. But this heat is a little bit on the ridiculous side.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Biohazard

    Welcome to the hotel Kuwatifornia..

  2. Biohazard

    Damn, we got avatars now? Ehehe, I refuse to advertise your district without paying me money. I’m going to change it to something of my own..

  3. well then imagine driving for half an hour to reach work, then leave after couple of hours and drive for another half an hour to go to “one class” then head back again to work, and yes, another half an hour in the heat …

    i feel like melting…

    little trick : keep an open bottle of water inside your car, for some reason it helps ALOT.

  4. its hot really hot…and it gives u benefits sometimes….:P

  5. “his heat is a little bit on the ridiculous side” LOL! ridiculous it is!

  6. Mohammed

    Park your car in Alraia comlex or any other Parking, and move within Kuwait city for only 250 fils with aljawal Taxi.

  7. Vampire: yup its damn hot too!

    Biohazard: looool! Yup you got the avatars now choose one of your own!

    ray: an open bottle of water, hmmmm, i will try that thanks!

    Laialy: yup, and melting nicely!

    MAZE: I haven’t seen any benefits except melting!

    N: yup! hehehe

  8. jewaira

    Getting really hot?

    Hmmmm, I think that is an extreme understatement :P

  9. dia

    omg I know exactly what you mean ..Sometimes I just hate getting out of the House ..and You should put on some gloves .. Seriously ..If you drive to a far distances then Gloves will do it for you ..

  10. jewaira: looool! I’m trying to be subtle here!!!

    dia: no way gloves!! I would rather burn my fingers!! Aircondition will do it for me! hehehe

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