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ZDistrict – WordPress Upgrade

With the help of Jacqui, has officially been upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1 from WordPress 1.4

The interface has completely changed, and the blog has been smoothed out. I didn’t do this out of fear that I would screw up and everything would disappear but I was completely wrong and it was a rather simple process. It has to be done from Dreamhost (My Host) and then it has to be updated from the WP-Admin side of the blog.

What has changed:

  • Much better interface
  • More intuitive
  • A lot of fixes
  • Easier and quicker to post images
  • Fixed all my video and audio problems
  • Better management of blog overall
  • Smarter comment management
  • Had a few more standard plug-ins which are useful
  • Saves drafts automatically, so you don’t lose posts if the window crashes

Overall I am very happy with the changes and I will be working on the Anime and Riding page to make sure they are overhauled/updated. I’m also very happy that the Gravatar issue has been fixed and now you can see the ZD symbol next to your nickname!