ZDistrict – WordPress Upgrade

With the help of Jacqui, ZDistrict.com has officially been upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1 from WordPress 1.4

The interface has completely changed, and the blog has been smoothed out. I didn’t do this out of fear that I would screw up and everything would disappear but I was completely wrong and it was a rather simple process. It has to be done from Dreamhost (My Host) and then it has to be updated from the WP-Admin side of the blog.

What has changed:

  • Much better interface
  • More intuitive
  • A lot of fixes
  • Easier and quicker to post images
  • Fixed all my video and audio problems
  • Better management of blog overall
  • Smarter comment management
  • Had a few more standard plug-ins which are useful
  • Saves drafts automatically, so you don’t lose posts if the window crashes

Overall I am very happy with the changes and I will be working on the Anime and Riding page to make sure they are overhauled/updated. I’m also very happy that the Gravatar issue has been fixed and now you can see the ZD symbol next to your nickname!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hehe, sba2tak :P (I also did it with my friend lol)

    It’s really nice!! I was happy I can now use plugins again!!! I had 1.5 and all the plugins I wanted didn’t work on it!!

  2. “I didn’t do this out of fear that I would screw up and everything would disappear but I was completely wrong and it was a rather simple process.”

    Smooth process my ass hehehe you had your hand on your heart the whole time hehe and remember that moment where things looked like hell and you didn’t want to open your eyes ever ;P I remember that moment and I’ve got the screenshot of it to remind you LOL! Hehehe but thanks for mentioning me ;p

    It is kind of nice isn’t it? The new interface?

  3. I’m still too scared to upgrade hahahha I can’t remember what version I’m on but yah lol I don’t want to put my blog thru any turmoil just quite yet ;p~

  4. real nice, about time =p

  5. Wow. Seriously you need help. I am bringing the boys over it is time for an intervention.

  6. jewaira

    Mabrouk bet that was a load off your mind

  7. ahh finally !! I dont have that annoying “missing picture” icon right next to my name. :)
    Mabrook Habibi !

  8. inta qadeeeeeeeeeeeeeem
    7adik qadeeeeeeeem
    mabrook (3ala shino madry, bes it seem relevant)

  9. Jacqui,, can u help me upgrading my site ?! j/k nice work

    do u use “Windows Live Writer” .. it’s beta

  10. LetmeGo

    looks slightly tweaked externally!

  11. 1. mabrook
    2. LooooL, aham shay “my host” like if you own it
    3. do you! :p

  12. eliedh: hhehehe! I agree things work better with this iteration!

    Jacqui: I would have had a heart attack and when I saw it I was in shock!loooooool! Smoother then I expected, I thought the whole world was going to come to an end! hehehe! Comparatively speaking this interface is much better!

    ananyah: I know what you mean, that is what I went through!

    N: Yup, still got some tweaking to do!

    nibaq: hahahaa! Just bring the ice cream and we are good!

    jewaira: yes it is! Thank you!

    3baid: being worried for no reason! hehehe

    Yazeed: loooool! kila minik!

    vampire: hell no, I avoid windows products when I can, I don’t like tying all their stuff together!

    Letmego: just a little cleaner

    Laialy: mashkoora! yes MY HOST! loool! Don’t but doesn’t mean I haven’t contacted them! hehehe

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