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I’m always on the look out for business opportunities and how I can go about implementing the business. I’m currently working still working for two companies, one managing the details and the other completely involved in. What I am also looking into is services business in and out of Kuwait, in two different fields.

What you find is the difficulty is all the paperwork and bureaucracy that you have to go through. The permits and different contracts with all the details make it really difficult for a person to get everything up and running. In Kuwait they make it really difficult for a person to start a Small Business with no incentives to start up and even with financial companies there are no real benefits to go with them. In Kuwait if you want the paperwork done for any kind of permit you just pay 600 – 1200 KD for the permit you want to a “Permit Specialist” and he will finish everything up for you without any questions and its all legal. If you do it yourself you will be running around for months within the government departments and all the different branches. Once you get the hang of it you do know your way around, but overall it takes a lot of practice and patience.

One thing is for sure, I really do enjoy seeing young entrepreneurs working on their start-ups and they slowly become successful. Currently most young business entrepreneurs are opening restaurants, interior design, and architecture firms with certain goals they have in mind. A lot of obstacles to face in Kuwait when starting a business but there is a lot of potential in the market once you get over these hurdles.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 1. i pray to have a career where i can really show what i can do
    2. entrepreneurship is not my thing
    3. allah ewafig el entrepreneurs el kuwaiteyeen

  2. Betawfej enshalla. I think it is great that a lot of people are working on small business. This is the future, and even tho it is hard currently, it seems that the obstacles are like a egg shell. Soon it will crack, and all the good stuff shall flow! erm.. ok bad analogy but you get it lol.

  3. iCon

    Seems Like the book ‘Founders at Works’ which you ordered from really motivated you :-) (i ordered the books too from amazon) . Nwys best of luck to u. I have 2 sites of my own which I m working on for 3 years and m plannin to launch em in a couple of weeks.

  4. i hear you..

    i have attempted at least 3 businesses in the service area that is.. with governmental hurdles getting in the way..

    i wish we could apply the “lemonade stand” concept here.. as in ease of opening.. in europe and in the states its that easy..

    hope the gov gets a clue

  5. Laialy: Inshalla you find something that you like doing! Entrepreneurship takes a lot of patience and energy for sure! alah ewafig el jamee3 inshalla!

    N: Inshalla, it is really tough and there are a lot of obstacles!

    iCon: I have just started reading it, and there is a lot of inspiration in the book, but I have always wanted to do a lot, but trying not to spread myself thin for sure!

    Beyond Q8iya: I know what you mean, in the states all they care about is doing your taxes right, and you can get any permit you want very easily if it is in the right zone!

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