Review: W880i


This is the first Sony Ericsson phone which is ultra thin and I think they have a very good product on their hands.There are very useful features which are integrated into the phone, and it packs a punch for a very thin phone. After having the phone I really do like it and it meets most of my requirements for a good phone.


  • Extremely Light
  • Simple Interface
  • A Phone, Not a Smartphone
  • Track ID, finds out the title and singer of 99% of songs
  • RSS Reader (Simple Setup)
  • Very bright and high quality screen
  • Powerful Bluetooth (Doesn’t disconnect from Bluetooth devices)
  • Loud Speaker
  • Great MP3 playback and play list capability
  • Alarm, Calendar, Notes, Tasks and some integration between them to see on your calendar
  • Switching from Normal to Silent profile is simple (Other profiles difficult)
  • Lots of details per contact (but limited to 5 numbers)


  • Short Battery Life (From Medium Usage it lasts a day, with heavy use it lasts less then a day)
  • Switching Profiles is a bit tedious except Silent profile
  • Buttons a bit small but you get used to it
  • Limited to 5 numbers per name and only a certain kind per number (A bit annoying)
  • Limited space for large amounts of text messages (You just have to delete)
  • Camera quality is not that good


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hey guys

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  2. Loud Speaker

    Is the loud speaker only for ringtones or does it also play music and recorded stuff loudly too???
    In all my SE the ringtone volume is good but the volume when playing back stuff is really low.

    Switching Profiles is a bit tedious except Silent profile

    Here’s what I do, In the “my shortcuts” menu add a shortcut to profiles, so it’s two click away, You could also add it in one of the joystick buttons (left, right, up, down) so it’s 1 click away :)

  3. Biohazard

    People seem to love it, but it doesn’t look appealing to me at all. :(

    Anyway, people said the battery life was only weak on SE’s walkman phones but I have the k810i and it’s good when you play with the phone, use its features and stuff, but when you use it as a phone and call someone the battery runs out. I had a 55 minute call last night and it drained my whole battery. It charged back in 20 minutes though..

    My nokia phones could stand more when it came to long calls.

  4. i used my brothers for a week or so
    “Limited to 5 numbers per name and only a certain kind per number (A bit annoying)” More like VERY annoying

  5. i actually like the fact that you can only specify 1 type per number. that way, when i get a missed call or an sms, i immediately know which # it came from without having to go through the hassle of checking the #.

    i noticed something w/ericsson mobiles. when u first buy them, battery life is low… then after about a month, it gets better. not sure why that is.

    as for the shortcuts to the profile, eliedh already said what i was going to.

  6. Its tempting but not that tempting. Might jump the wagon on the W910.

  7. lfc-q8

    Z u should now review the nokia E90 its out
    nokia will have a new phone 6500 classic … its not a smart phone but its slim i bet u will love it

  8. It looks very nifty indeed but I will wait for something much better from Sony.

  9. trixter: Keeping that in mind!

    eliedh: for ringtones yes and music, but loudspeaker is a bit fuzzy when listening to a conversation. And thanks for the tip, I still haven’t modified my shortcuts!

    Bioharzard: The battery isn’t the best, but its pretty good for the thin kind of phones, for sure better then a motorolla!

    Laialy: hehehe! It all depends how many numbers you store per person! hehehe

    MSB: I didn’t notice that about the battery life, but I will try to keep an eye out! I dont’ care where the person called from, I just care if they are calling, I will know if I look at the details!

    Jacqui: JUMP IT!

    lfc-q8: I really don’t like the communicator series of the Nokia phones they are just too damn big!

    Angelo: There is a lot coming out, wait for at least 3-4 months they are coming out with the W960 which has a touch screen and really cool!

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