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Review: W880i


This is the first Sony Ericsson phone which is ultra thin and I think they have a very good product on their hands.There are very useful features which are integrated into the phone, and it packs a punch for a very thin phone. After having the phone I really do like it and it meets most of my requirements for a good phone.


  • Extremely Light
  • Simple Interface
  • A Phone, Not a Smartphone
  • Track ID, finds out the title and singer of 99% of songs
  • RSS Reader (Simple Setup)
  • Very bright and high quality screen
  • Powerful Bluetooth (Doesn’t disconnect from Bluetooth devices)
  • Loud Speaker
  • Great MP3 playback and play list capability
  • Alarm, Calendar, Notes, Tasks and some integration between them to see on your calendar
  • Switching from Normal to Silent profile is simple (Other profiles difficult)
  • Lots of details per contact (but limited to 5 numbers)


  • Short Battery Life (From Medium Usage it lasts a day, with heavy use it lasts less then a day)
  • Switching Profiles is a bit tedious except Silent profile
  • Buttons a bit small but you get used to it
  • Limited to 5 numbers per name and only a certain kind per number (A bit annoying)
  • Limited space for large amounts of text messages (You just have to delete)
  • Camera quality is not that good