The Matrix – HD-DVD


Going back for some old school movies we decided to watch The Matrix, I had it on HD-DVD and I kept pushing for it. It brought back a lot of memories, and it was one hell of a movie that left its mark. The action was nothing short of great even though I have seen it many times, seeing Neo realize his powers against The Agents gets my blood pumping. This movie is nothing short of excellent but there was something different this time around, this the first full length movie I have watched in 1080p on a 1080p screen. The details and depth of view was fantastic, its as if you were in every scene, and you could feel the hits in each fight scene its fantastic. If your a movie lover then then HD-DVDs or Blu Ray DVDs are for you. The fight between Neo and Agent Smith in the train station was fantastic since you see it from different angles and it keeps shifting around.


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  1. I love Matrix! I’ll wait for BluRay, and hook it up to my HD and Playstation 3! Perfect :p

  2. hey marzouq

    I just remembered something, since your icon is of kakashi, and you seem to like anime alot, there is a nice website that might be useful to you.

    check it :), enjoy :)

  3. lfc-q8

    well i tried both hd dvd on my xbox and the blue ray on the ps3 and to tell u the truth HD DVD has a much better pic and sound the bd but both were on 1080i

  4. Waleed

    Which DVD player you have for the HD DVD and what TV you have to play the 1080p? Do yo have recommendation for the DVD player and the TV?

  5. the matrix rocks ! doesnt have to be on Hi Def, i would love it just the same if it were on VHS! :)

  6. i’m not interested in HD,, just a regular DVD with a decent sound system will do it for me,,

    matrix reloaded > the matrix

  7. LetmeGo

    awesome!the picture quality of HD is just immaculate,its exceptionally detailed.Now these stars have to go the extra mile with their faces,with the wrinkles & facial hair,they must keep it neatly shaved,especially the ladies!

  8. N: Seriously one of the best movies out there! It won’t be coming out on Blu Ray!

    Kodder: Thanks a lot for the link! Its cool!

    lfc-q8: For me everything was running at 1080p, and the quality was amazing!!

    Waleed: It was playing through the X-Box 360 HD-DVD player and directly plugged through HDMI to the screen! I will be recommending a 1080P dvd player later though!

    Laialy: Boys loved the Matrix!

    mathew: you are right, but in Hi-Def you want to jump in it!

    vampire: hell no matrix > matrix reloaded!!

    LetmeGo: yup, it shows all the details!

  9. lfc-Q8

    Z did u compaire the bd and hd dvd? please let me know

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