Egypt Mobile Network Providors


There are currently three mobile providers in Egypt, I was using my MTC cell phone from Kuwait. There was one issue I was having and I kept switching between the three cell phone providers but it still didn’t solve my problem. For some reason I couldn’t send text messages, it just kept getting rejected I wasn’t sure why.



  • Etisalat
  • Vodaphone
  • Mobinil


Previously if you buy a temporary line it becomes inactive after 2 months of no use even if it has credit on it, but Etisalat has changed that and you can buy a line and keep it permanently yours for just 25 Egyptian Pounds. Currently the best service providers is Etisalat then Vodaphone, and Mobinil is currently the worst in service strength in Egypt.

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  1. moblie service in general is bad in egypt
    i use mobinil
    and ya it aint a joy ride

  2. dude, theres a lil setting in your phone that tells your phone the server phone number to send the text messages to. its a seperate number for each country and sometimes you need to configure it manually.

    the best bet would be to head to a phone shop and ask the guy there to check. its happened to me in a number of different countries on an mtc line.

  3. Skunk:
    You are talking about the Messaging Centre Number (SMSC), and while it differs from network to network .. you should stick to your original provider (MTC : +96596000303).

    Although .. you never know with Eygpt (SMSC numbers):
    Click GSM +20105996500
    Mobinil +20122000020

  4. while i was in Sherm i remember seeing mobinil on my phone and i was sending a LOT of messages all of which got through

  5. well, I have three different SIM card. Each one of them has a its unique features.
    For Example; MobiNil provides the best coverage, cheapest calls and best payment system, Vodafone provides the best quality and 3G technology, and the newest Etisalat provides the most up-to-date technology 3.5G and tax-free prepaid recharging cards. For now I prefer using my Vodafone.
    You… what do you think

  6. Sally

    I used my Wataniya roaming there…the networks used to switch randomly between Mobinil and Vodafone (there was no Etisalat yet)..All I had to do is to change the Operator Selection to Manual instead of Automatic (from the Network Settings menu in my Nokia phone), then manually choose Mobinil. Mobinil allowed me to send SMS but Vodafone didn’t..

    So try manually switching between the networks if you didn’t already do that..

    Does it work?

  7. Is this etisalat the same etisalat in UAE? ’cause they have the same logo..

  8. eshda3wa: that is true, but the other service providers were pretty good!

    skunk: I know about that but I didn’t have time to go to a phone shop guy! I knew I had to mess with some settings but that just didn’t work!

    K: Thanks a lot for the details, I should have posted about this earlier!

    Laialy: thats good, for me it just didn’t work out right!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: For me while in Cairo the best service was between Vodafone and Etisalat, Mobinil didn’t have good service!

    Sally: I didn’t try that out with Mobinil, I tried with Vodafone and Etisalat but that didn’t work!

    Amjad: yup it is!

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