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Returning From Egypt


I woke up around 1:00pm and I called the front desk asking them when is late check out, they told me its 2:00pm so I went back to sleep until 2:00pm and then I got up to shower and pack. My friends were laughing at how lazy I was being but I was exhausted after the long day/night the day before.

The driver to the airport was ready and so I was almost done with everything in the room. I was dragging myself from the room to the lobby to check out, I looked at the bill and went over everything they charged for. Then I was saying goodbye to the guys in the lobby, and I headed out. My flight was at 6:30pm and I left the hotel at 3:35pm, my friend told me it would take 30-40mins to get to the airport, no less then 30 minutes. I thought let me see if I can get there faster, I told the driver I don’t care how he drives just get me there in less then 30 minutes.

After that statement the driver turned and asked me if I would be scared, I told him to do his worst and his worst he did. He was driving like a maniac, and it felt like a roller coaster. I have no one to blame but myself, and it was very entertaining, he was splitting lanes, flying past buses, sliding a few times during turns, and we arrived in 21 minutes.

This time on the way out I found out there is a VIP service that you pay $100 to sit in a lounge while they check in your bags and stamp your passport while you sit and wait in a somewhat comfortable area. While everything was done I went straight to the business lounge and I passed out on the couch from 4:15 until 5:30pm, then the guy woke me up to board the plane. I boarded the plane and went to sleep before take off, I was lucky I did that since the plane was 45 minutes late. This time I was lucky we had a more experienced pilot, and the flight was mostly filled with business men, so no screaming kids.

Kuwait airport was something else though, they couldn’t land the plane at a gate since it seemed there were too many planes. So that meant a long wait for bags, which turned into a 20 minute wait to get our bags, and I didn’t get mine until 25 minutes after that so that was another 45 minutes, at peak efficiency! I was happy to get into my Landcruiser and drive home on the open roads of Kuwait.