The Run Around


The past couple of days I have been running around with a few of my friends in Cairo to different parts and meeting his wife to be for the first time. I have to say that I think I left a lasting impression on her and her great family. It was funny, two of us were always tagging along with the guy for all the errands he had to run and adjusting all the details before the engagement party.

All I said to him was that I would look better then him in a suit guaranteed, so keep your girl close to you! It was four of us who are good friends from California all meeting up for his engagement in Egypt, and the wedding is supposed to take place in the end of December which is going to be insane. We were staying at the Four Seasons Nile in Cairo for the whole time, and everything in Cairo is 10-15 minutes away, its only because of traffic that you would be late.

The first day was fun I met up with the guys later in the night while I was reading through some paperwork for work. Then we went out at night and we hung out until 6am, then we went to the pool for a couple of hours the next day and relaxed. Then we went out to dinner with his bride and her friends which was a lot of fun. The next day we were relaxing since the engagement party was going to take place at around 9pm, so we were relaxing next to the pool for most of the time before getting ready. All I had to do was shower, shave, and put the suit on which took about 20 minutes at most since I was taking my time.

Everything went really quick, but it was nice seeing my friend really happy and seeing a few of my friends who I’m planning to join up with in the states in a couple of months.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. glad u had a great time :D

    and welcome back! I missed ur ass

  2. the nile plaza is a beautiful hotel
    u HAVE TO try the SPA
    its a must!
    and the chinese place ba3ad
    i think its called sugar and spice etha mane ghal6ana
    their food is real good

  3. sounds cool, 3alekom bel 3afiya! you gotta go horseback riding, it is Egypt afterall.

  4. mabrook for your friend
    and sounds like you have some relaxation time which is always good :)



  6. pearls: yup, thanks!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: I did with my friends, but don’t I think I would go without them.

    ananyah: thanks!! hehe!

    eshda3wa: It is fantastic, and I tried the SPA its fantastic! The food at the hotel was great I loved it!

    N: alah e3afeek! hell no horseback riding, it would cause a lot of problems!hehehe

    Laialy: alah ebarik ib a7aytich! it was good for sure!

    Jacqui: yup, loooooooooooool!

    Maze: thanks!

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