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The Engagement Night


It was Thursday and everyone was getting ready for the important night, well all the females were. We were supposed to be at the hotel by 9:00pm since a few things were running late, and the hotel was 10 minutes away with traffic. We were relaxing by the pool for a few hours before deciding to freshen up, what we did was hit the steam room in the Four Season’s Spa for a few minutes, then jumping in the jacuzzi for bit, then taking a shower, and then shaving right after that. This was all taking place in the spa and provided for free to guests of the hotel, they also had a shaving kit which we all used. Then each one of us headed to their rooms to get ready by 8:30pm.

I went upstairs and took my time since it wouldn’t take me much to get ready, I decided to take another shower. I finished showering and changing into the suit in less then twenty minutes, and I have to say that I felt good. The first thought that came into my head was that now you can call me Tony Soprano, I felt like an old school mobster and it was fun.

We met in the hotel lobby and went to the hotel where the engagement was being held. When we walked into the hall I kept saying hello to all the parents that remember me from the US, then I was also saying hello to the parents of the bride and it seems they heard a lot of about, I seem to be “infamous”. Our table was pointed out to us and so we went and sat down waiting to hear arrival or some notification. The music started so we knew something was starting, and we went out to see the groom and bride. The groom was dressed nicely, but the bride looked great and both of them looked very happy. I was happy for the guy, he got a good girl and I managed to sit down and talk to her before, she had to pass my test since the groom is one of my closest friend, and she passed with flying colors. What you could pick up between them is that there is good chemistry and they do care about each other, and the funny part is he is the type of guy who doesn’t like showing his softer side, so I was enjoying every moment of it.


As they were walking in I felt really bad for them because they had to smile so much and for so long. They didn’t even get to sit down for long before they had to get up and start dancing. This engagement party was a little different then what I used to, I have never been to an Egyptian engagement party but it was very nice and classy. Everybody started dancing around the bride and groom, and all I have to say was that my feet were sore after a couple of hours. It was 90% Egyptian songs, but when the other 10% kicked in I have to say I’m happy I learned a little salsa back in the day. It was a lot of fun with great company, and everyone was very happy. It ended around 4am, and by that time I wanted to put my feet in cold water.

None of was went to sleep until 8:30am Friday morning we were sitting a while at the hotel talking about a lot of stuff and laughing, thinking about whats going to happen during the big wedding in December. The trip was worth everything to see my friend happy as he is, I’m thinking he would like to skip the whole steps but something you just have to go through.