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Tummy Twister


I was trying my best to just eat at hotels or where people said it was safe to eat while in Egypt. There were only two times when I ate outside the hotel and it seems that got me. I got a mild case of food poisoning around Wednesday night, and I felt it from Thursday afternoon and onwards. I was told that in Egypt there is a high probability that you can get food poisoning but even eating outside a hotel the one time was one time too many.

Possible Reasons:

  • Water
  • Salad
  • Other Food

At this point I’m not sure what exactly affected me but I’m taking it easy since I do feel pain every little while, and it feels as if something is twisting around inside there. I think it will take at least another few days for it to take its course, I’m just eating some yogurt from now until then to help things settle down.