Tummy Twister


I was trying my best to just eat at hotels or where people said it was safe to eat while in Egypt. There were only two times when I ate outside the hotel and it seems that got me. I got a mild case of food poisoning around Wednesday night, and I felt it from Thursday afternoon and onwards. I was told that in Egypt there is a high probability that you can get food poisoning but even eating outside a hotel the one time was one time too many.

Possible Reasons:

  • Water
  • Salad
  • Other Food

At this point I’m not sure what exactly affected me but I’m taking it easy since I do feel pain every little while, and it feels as if something is twisting around inside there. I think it will take at least another few days for it to take its course, I’m just eating some yogurt from now until then to help things settle down.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Carlsb3rg

    Everyone I knew (including me) who went to egypt had some kind of food poisoning. I didn’t drink their water. I ate only the hotel (5 star) food.

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  3. salamat, i hate that feeling. It probably is the salad, have you been to their vegetable and fruit market! :/ el7emdellah 3al ne3ma!

  4. You should’ve listen to your friends’ advice and eat at the hotel. Its only a matter of time till you got used to it. I was like that when I first came to Egypt 5 years ago, now I can eat almost anything but salad. Here is a tip for you never eat salad in Egypt ever again. Anyway, I hope you feel better now.

  5. salamaaat..
    sorry, bs ya3ni its Egypt.. you would not get the full Om il Dunya experience w/o food poisoning

  6. Salamat hon I hope you feel better :s

  7. F..

    salmaat…hoope u feel better :)

  8. Lexicon

    am sorry but this is ridiculous…hope your ok but i have been living here all my life and everythings normal, just dont drink tap water….bottled water is extracted from oasis wells so its pretty safe…so you could get sick if you eat at street kiosks (the word kiosks makes it sound clean and neat actually they are not!) other than that there should be no probs

  9. when u arrived to any country,, eat one piece of fresh onion,, that would help u

  10. ananyah: thanks!

    pearls: alah esalmich! thank you!

    Carlsb3rg: it seems to be the case when going to Egypt!

    amer: wow, what the hell is that!!! I will be posting about it thanks!

    Laialy: alah esalmich!

    N: Alah esalmick, 7amdilla its not worse!

    Peony: Alah esalmik, loooool!

    Jacqui: alah esalmich!

    F: Thanks, alah esalmik!

    Lexicon: I’m assuming that your digestive system has developed an immunity to some of the items. I didn’t at any kiosks, 90% at the Four Seasons, and 10% at two nice restaurants, so I’m not sure how that happened but it was after the night I at the nice restaurant outside the hotel.

    vampire: hmmmmm, I will try that and see how it goes next time I’m in Egypt!

  11. jewaira

    Poor darling…it was bound to happen.

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