300 – DVD


The DVD has come out at last, it has all the action plus deleted scenes, writer and director commentary, photo gallery, and some more features. This is a must have for any fan of 300 and I’m one huge fan. As soon as I recieve this DVD I’m going to watch it again. Price: $22.

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  1. worth watching … great movie!

    inshalla when i get back to the US, i’ll grab a copy from the local best buy ^_^

  3. 22$ !! ..wooow .. since the piracy issue all the new dvd’s in bestbuy and futureshop here in canada are aroud 9 to 11 bucks !! and still nobody cares

  4. AngelOfDeth

    I think you better go for the HD-DVD version of the movie (MAJOR kick-ass), since you already have the player on the XBOX 360, and i think it will be out the same time this one is coming out… patiently waiting for it though!!

  5. LetmeGo

    honestly,i ve seen this movie like 12 times.Its an awesome movie,really awesome!

  6. Not Officially out yet.. Pre-Oder though.

  7. Why don’t you wait for the HD or Blue-Ray versions…they are much better IMO.

  8. wow. I love that movie. I’ve watched about 6 times and still can have enough. But I think the plot is very simple. could’ve been better.

  9. Amu: yup!

    Laialy: I agree 100%! Its an amazing movie, I’m hoping it comes out in HD!

    DJ X Fader: Man this movie is worth waiting for!

    AngelOfDeth: Im not sure if its going to come out in HD DVD, when it comes out I will get that too!

    LetmeGo: I have seen it just as many, and I will watch it again!

    G-Funk: yup! I got caught up with the moment!

    Angelo: I will get the HD-DVD when it comes out for sure!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Nope, I think the plot was perfect to show the feelings of the fighters!

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