Gave In


I’m usually a very stubborn person when it comes to going to a Doctor, and usually I try to let the sickness run its course and I will be fine. Today in the morning I woke up feeling drained, and when I was driving I suddenly felt my head start spinning, I felt very light headed. I pulled over since this was the first time something like this has happened to me. At that point I decided to call the doctor at 8:00am and I spoke to him I remember that I have some meeting so I asked if I could pass by around noon, he said anytime since I’m feeling dizzy.

I opened up the little fridge in the Landcruiser and drank two mini-7 Ups to just give me a jolt of energy. When I was at work I felt nauseated the whole time there but I had to keep on going since I had a lot to finish up and I wanted others to finish a few things up as well. I’m usually following up with people, just like a storm through the office, every once in a while I would get this feeling in my gut that something is wrong and I have to rest for bit. I ran around to all the meetings, and finished up a lot of work, I thought to go to the doctor after work, I’m just stubborn and I don’t like leaving any work unfinished. This time I saw that I was losing energy and I wasn’t being as productive as I should be so decided to go to the doctor, but I did finish most of my work. I left work around 2:30pm to be at the doctor by 3:00pm. After his analysis he gave me the medication and I went home to get a little sleep, but I have few things that I wanted to do. Its annoying being sick!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yeah, it sure is. If only all doctors looked that good (the hot dentist in the drawing above..). Matshof shar enshalla! Take a work break, and treat yourself to some anime and breakfast in bed lol!

  2. this might be a bug, my cousin suffers from the some symptoms @@

  3. maha

    ma etshof shar ..

  4. jewaira

    Salamat…. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. LetmeGo

    damn man!seems like the poisoning took a nasty toll on your health.Eat light,lay back and get some rest.Hope ull get well soon! take care!

  6. awww poor u
    give ur body a rest
    the more rest u get the fastr u will reover inshallah

  7. Well thank God you gave in and went to the doctor. Those small mini headaches and dizziness might seem harmless but they might be a source of something nasty…God forbids.

  8. well, I’m just like you. I don’t easily go to doctors, I just wait till I’m fine. I remember visiting the doctor maybe twice in the last 4 or 5 years. anyway I hope you feel fine now.

  9. Get well sooooon buddy :-)
    I am like you when it comes to sickness and doctors.. specially dentists LOL

    I treat myself with alternatives..

    Nauseous: Eat something with ginger
    Flu: Hot lemon tea, Hot lemon juice with honey
    Coughing: I have my own recipe of herbs, honey, and tahini LOL

    You will be surprised.. I was at my cousin some time ago and she was telling me how sick she is.. and I went on explaining to her some of my “recipes” and she stopped me… waay Ansam bas mayloog! chinni akalim 3ayoz! LOL

    So eat gingery stuff and drink 7up for nausea and tell me what else is wrong :-P

  10. N: Thats for sure, if a Doctor was hot that would be cool for sure! I wish I could take a work break, but that doesn’t happen easily!

    Berserk-KW: alah esalmik!

    Laialy: hmmmmm, salamta!

    maha: shar ma eyeech!

    jewaira: alah esalmich! thank you!

    LetmeGo: yup, it did since I was being stubborn!

    eshda3wa: got no time to rest, I’m hoping the meds will kick in!

    Angelo: yup, I agree thats why I went!

    pearls: alah esalmich!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: sometimes you just have to go!

    Ansam: yeah I did those, but still I was messed up! It turned into a bad infection because of the neglect!

    MAZE: alah esalmik!

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