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Gave In


I’m usually a very stubborn person when it comes to going to a Doctor, and usually I try to let the sickness run its course and I will be fine. Today in the morning I woke up feeling drained, and when I was driving I suddenly felt my head start spinning, I felt very light headed. I pulled over since this was the first time something like this has happened to me. At that point I decided to call the doctor at 8:00am and I spoke to him I remember that I have some meeting so I asked if I could pass by around noon, he said anytime since I’m feeling dizzy.

I opened up the little fridge in the Landcruiser and drank two mini-7 Ups to just give me a jolt of energy. When I was at work I felt nauseated the whole time there but I had to keep on going since I had a lot to finish up and I wanted others to finish a few things up as well. I’m usually following up with people, just like a storm through the office, every once in a while I would get this feeling in my gut that something is wrong and I have to rest for bit. I ran around to all the meetings, and finished up a lot of work, I thought to go to the doctor after work, I’m just stubborn and I don’t like leaving any work unfinished. This time I saw that I was losing energy and I wasn’t being as productive as I should be so decided to go to the doctor, but I did finish most of my work. I left work around 2:30pm to be at the doctor by 3:00pm. After his analysis he gave me the medication and I went home to get a little sleep, but I have few things that I wanted to do. Its annoying being sick!