This is probably one of the craziest adventures that you could do, it is dog fight training with SF260 Fighters in a plane with two seats and you fly 90% of the time with a fight pilot instructor with you in the plane. Its a fantastic experience that you learn to dog fight in these very agile planes, and they handle just like jet planes since they have small wingspans and designed to go fast.

You can go with a group, a friend, or yourself and the minimum is $1200 for a three hour course with combat part of the whole package. If you like this type of adventure then you should do it, I would want to try this out for sure.


Link: Aircombat
Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow would love to take one of these courses!

  2. So you shoot your friends down? :p

  3. ..I would love to give this, as a gift for my younger brother. He wanted to be a pilot at one point of his life. I don’t think that we do have a service like that in Kuwait, although i would assume that coulb be a huge success. The only thing, that is increasing in Kuwait is Cafeُ’s !!!…

  4. Biohazard


    Cheap too considering how much fun it is, and how much they’re risking by letting n00bs fly like that.

    Of course there’s the “sign this just in case you die, sir!”. Ha, if I die I’m taking him with me.

  5. Amu: Same here!

    N: yup you sould! I think they use paint or there is a computer system but it shows in all the planes if you have been hit!

    Chroma-Trauma: That is for sure, I wish we had other things to do but the only thing increasing are food and shopping places!

    Biohazzard: looooool! your taking him with you! I think the risk is lowered since you have an experienced fight pilot in the plane with you and it can instanly recover from a stall!

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