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Usually when you go to banks the service is pretty good at the teller, or they are a bit clueless but they are usually friendly. I was wondering what kind of training they receive or what process they go through. I have been recently enlightened of a process or procedure some of the banks go through to check on employees. What this person does is to go through different steps with one teller and they note everything that person does as well as what the person is wearing, and then they go to another branch and try something else. Its a matter of checking for quality assurance and keeping their employees on their toes since they don’t when it is going to take place and it could be anyone walking in.

I wish other companies that dealt with consumers did this type of live employee review, to keep them on their toes and to have a real report of their actions. Then vehicle dealerships can see the abysmal treatment of customers.

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  1. that’s neat … recently one of my cousins had deal with NBK and the next day someone called o ask about their service which i thought was a pretty good idea since my cousin didn’t get that good of a service

  2. Kage bunshin! Don’t ask.. hehe.

  3. Car Dealerships:

    The majority of salesmen there are total (insert creative derogatory term of choice)!!!

    Sometimes (actually a lot of times) I pull the guy aside, smile arrogantly, and ask “3afwan, ent shino mushkiltek bethobt? Esloobik kilish ray7aa feeeha, mat shuf shar yubba ma3asalama”

    That roughly translates into, wtf is your problem, you seem to have a severe attitude problem for a salesman, cyah.

    Seriously majority of sales staff even in the largest most respectable car showrooms are just the epitemy of sleeze. Heck Im a guy, and often their concentrated sleezy characters just make me feel sick to my stomach.

    A lot of them look more at home in drug selling pub, somewhere in the slums of eastern Europe.

    The same applies to some major designer clothes outlets too, and Hotels.

  4. MOHD

    its called ghost shopper. not shadow shopper

  5. Laialy: That is good, sometimes they are a bit thick!

    N: looooool! Kagin No Binshu! hehehe

    Kismat: yes I agree with you 100%! They just seem sleezy!

    MOHD: you are correct sir! Thank you, I knew I was off, but I wasn’t sure!

  6. I am glad I won’t have to worry bout that no mo’ :P

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