The Day-In


After going to the doctor and taking the medication I knew that I was feeling really tired so I was going to take a bit of a nap before going over to my cousin’s to watch a few shows. I slept from 5:00pm until 6:45pm and I really did feel better after taking that nap, at least I felt a bit recharged and gave the medication some time to work on my stomach. I spoke to my cousin and told him the only way I’m coming is if he has the shrimp chow mien ready for me tonight or else heads will be falling off!


I was still feeling tired but a lot better, at least I didn’t feel nauseated and my head wasn’t spinning. My cousin and I just finished Jericho so we had a couple of options as to what series to watch:

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  • Day Break

We started Studio 60 and I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t expect to be this damn good. Its one hell of a show with a great cast, at that point my cousin was thinking about skipping work and having a Studio 60 marathon to watch all 22 episodes in one go. So now we are watching this, and it is one hell of a show. Then came the shrimp chow mien, and I was a happy camper, I was eating and everything felt steady so I was happy about that. When we finished later at night I was taking my time on the drive home since I didn’t feel like I was up to driving like a F1 driver.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’m glad you had your Chow Mein without any fuss or hassle. Yeah, Studio 60 is a great show and hopefully it will go for another season.

  2. Great! I think i’ll have a look at this Studio 60 thing.

  3. so what was wrong? did you find out what you had?

  4. Nana

    Well, betta take the days off as an opportunity to rest *sigh*, wish I could get sick n’ stay home for a couple of days. Get well soon

  5. Oh .. I watched the F1 race last night, I shouldn’t drive afterwards. :P

  6. Angelo: yup, me too! I’m hoping too!

    N: you should!

    Zed: they said I have food poisoning which also developed into an infection!

    Nana: I didn’t take any days off, I couldn’t! I have too much on the plate!

    Laialy: loooool!

    K: They brought it back! hahaha.. Man I shouldn’t drive when I’m worked up!

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