Yamigawa System X


This is probably the most innovative lighting system I have ever seen. It is made from normal materials, but the design is ingenious allowing you to make patterns for the lighting systems or larger blocks of lights. I find this to be amazing, and I wish I could get my hands on this sort of product.

Link: Yamigawa

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  1. it looks awesome, but i was looking to see how do u change the physical light if it burns … couldn’t find that info, i guess you change the unite maybe

  2. :: just receive an e-mail from my friend telling me that nbk released the block !

  3. Nana

    Cool stuff you come across..

  4. impressive it is! welcome to the future..

  5. Laialy: you just change one of them!

    Frankom: thanks!!

    Nana: thanks, I just roam around the web alot!

    Muh’M. Mansour: I would like to get my hands on it for sure!

    N: yup! All we need is Fiber to every home and we are taking a step in the right direction!

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