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Risk Night


It was a long day and I was feeling drained but I was looking forward to hanging out with some of the guys from work. Before starting Risk we were playing Pro Evolution Soccer for the first few hours, laughing at the mishaps and how bad some of us are. Then we all ate dinner as everyone arrived even a little late, but as soon as we were done people were getting ready.

We opened up the deck and all the colors given out, people were looking at each other thinking who is going to be the others enemy. From the moment I put things on the map I knew that I had to take North America, and I had a few pieces of land in the middle. I was fighting to take North America and keeping myself within that boundry so that I only face people on three fronts, but I had some gentlemens agreement with some people. I didn’t hit them and they didn’t hit me so we concentrated on other fronts. By playing my cards right and having the right amounts I managed to amass a huge army on all three fronts and was a force to reckon with. I struck fear in the eyes of all those who faced me with my endless amounts of military men, and people were still battling it out in Europe and Africa!

It was fantastic, there was one guy that I kept hitting because when he gets mad I just keep laughing ridiculously. I love Risk because of the mix of strategy, luck, tactics and pure entertainment. I don’t mind just watching because of the way some people get worked up and the crazy strategies. It was a nice night for sure!