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Quick Pack


This is just hilarious, I don’t think I have done a trip this quick and this short, in such short notice before.

Tuesday Conversation went like this:

Me: I’m thinking about going.. hnmmmm

K: Why not…

N: We going

Me: Alrite… lets see what we can do

K: We going

N: Tickets and Stuff

Me: Leaves those to me

N: What about S?

Me: He can’t go!

K: Pressure him!!

Me: Too Short notice!!!!! I will work on him!

N: See you tomorrow, going to be funny


Right now I’m packing some clothes and just getting ready to go. Our flight is at 6:00pm but they say there is a delay, and then we get there and we go out.

Update: S is going and he just decided at 12:30pm to come!! Packing real quick and heading out!