The To Do


I have a few things that I have to do before going on this quick trip!

  • Top off the oil in my car since its really running low
  • Make a few payments for things that I need to take care of
  • Pack a few things for the trip such as:
    • Cloths
    • Laptop
    • Phone charger
    • Cash
    • Passport
    • MP3 Player
    • Camera
    • Bathroom things

What I want to do:

  • Go watch Transformers and as many movies as possible
  • Pass by Borders
  • Buy more helicopter rotors for my helicopter since I have already destroyed all my spares
  • Enjoy myself

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Well have a safe trip and I hope you watch all the movies and enjoy the company with Mark. Looking forward to your reviews :)

  2. lfc-q8

    Z i saw a place in rehab they sell the same chopper u got from dubai

  3. as many movies as possible!!


  4. vampire: that ice cream is really good!

    Laialy: Will do thanks!

    Angelo: Thanks! Mark didn’t come! hahaha

    lfc-q8: thanks! I will be passing by there so I will check it out!

    Ansam: looooooooooool!

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