Airline Round Up


I have been on a few different airlines over the years, and recently I wanted to rank the airlines based on my experience to see which one had better service overall. I separated into two categories such as short haul, and long haul because some of these airlines only do short haul and to be more precise about their service.

The factors I’m using to place these airlines higher or lower on the rank:

  • Staff Service (Professionalism and Friendliness)
  • Plane Quality & Interior
  • Baggage Handling
  • Flight Promptness
  • On-Flight Entertainment
  • Food
  • Lounge at Main Airport

Short Haul:


  1. Jazeera Airways
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Emirates Airlines
  4. Sri Lanka Airlines


  1. Greece Airways
  2. Egypt Airways
  3. Kuwait Airways

Long Haul:

Best :

  1. Lufthansa
  2. Virgin
  3. British Airways


  1. American Airlines
  2. United Airlines
  3. Kuwait Airways

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  1. Purgatory

    Umm Greek Airways and Egypt Air are worst than Kuwait airways!!

    As for long haul, I think you should also include Asian countries and maybe Emirates/Qatar Airways service to Europe as well to get a better picture, so find clients in those regions, or weddings.

  2. .. BTW, Sri-Lanka is operated by the same team who manage the Emirates Airline.

    I tried Qatar airways, but I’m ot a huge fan, There is always something missing. The lounge is crowded with no space to sit as most of the travellers sit on the floor … You can’t move and It’s beter to stay still otherwise , somebody will claim your spot.

    Emirates is the best so far. I love travelling with them, it’s always worth paying the extra cash.

    KLM. Worst Airline , Racists, Unfriendly and so rude. I hate their service from all aspects.

    Etihad Airways; I travelled with them once , but because of the waiting time which can reach up to 24 hours, it wasn’t my first choice until recently when they changed their waiting time to my advantage. El-Himidillah .. so in 2 weeks time , it will be my 2nd experince with them. In general, They are as good as the Qatari Airways but not as good as the Emirates. One thing I noticed in Abu-Dhabi Airport is that GCC (People from the gulf contries) passport holders has to queue with others. I’m not saying it’s bad, but In kuwait we do have GCC counter, and so is Qatar, KSa & etc.. But not AbuDhabi .. In addition , in the UK, they have a queue for Europian Passport holders. In one incident, One Suadi guy went to the Emarati Counter, The lady who wasn’t doing anything (Actaully, there was 3 counters and no Emirati was waiting.) She shouted at him rudely and asked him to queue at the non-Emirati Counter..( There was about 30 people satnding) and non of the ladies wanted to help, at least to take some of the GCC citizens to quicken the procedure. Why? They we reading a beauty magazine… I hope everything this time will be better.

  3. I remember once being on Olymus (whatever its called, with the 5 rings olympics logo) That was the worst ever… EVER!

  4. Mohsin

    Disagree with you.Emirates is the best. BA is not even up there.

  5. Purg: I only put the airlines I tried! I can’t comment on airlines I haven’t tried!

    Chroma-Trauma: I knew about Sri-Lanka, but I had one bad experience and I haven’t used them since! Thank you very much for all the feedback. I didn’t know it was like that in Abu Dhabi, it seems sad that things are like when they could do better!

    N.: Yeah those are just horrible!

    Mohsin: I don’t think so, they need to upgrade some of their planes really!

  6. lfc-q8

    Z u never tried gulf air then :) it would be my #1 worst in short flights

  7. I flew Air France from Cairo to Canada and back and with two connection flights for a business trip and boy was I impressed, the service was amazing, even on one of the connections was packed and it was a long flight (Paris to Toronto), they were always smiling and very helpful, the plane itself was amazing and even the seats were very comfy and the movie selection was great. Even the food was quite good. I also had to change my flight plan and changing my ticket went so smooth and easy ( I change my ticket time 3 times in 48 hours :-))

  8. i hate “Lufthansa”
    Continental was pretty good, i was on a flight from Tx – London

  9. Lexicon

    nothing beats lufthansa…best airline overall

  10. Kuwait Airways ma3roof ina it sucks..the rest I’ll just take ur word for it;)

  11. Purgatory72

    Then you should try the other ones too, find clients in that region.

  12. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I think That Kuwait Airways will get better soon, becasue they bought new air planes and will be partianny own by the public

  13. Sally

    Continental? Is that the same as Continental Experss? C.E. is the one with the late news story of returning a mother and her child back to land because he wouldn’t stop talking! I followed up with the story, and the flight attendant was way beyond her limits!

    Of course that doesn’t mean the airline is bad, but it’s sure to mess up some of its reputation!

    You can check the link below for the story… Copy and paste to browser if it doesn’t work directly:

  14. I like your picks! it makes lotsa sense!

  15. lfc-q8: I would have to agree that I avoid it on purpose!

    jessyz: I’m surprised I heard some really bad things about Air France, and their planes! So its surprising to hear that people are happy with it!

    Laialy: Its strange some people love it and some hate it! I’m not that much of a fan of Continental!

    Lexicon: hmmm its very good but they aren’t consistent!

    silver: I didn’t know how bad until I tried it!

    Purg: I will in due time if I need to go in that direction!

    Corolla Man: time will tell!

    Sally: Nope they are different, its continental airlines in the states! But that is just rediculous!

    Ansam: cool!

  16. It’s rather interesting to note that all the airlines that you’ve mentioned in the “best” category for both long and short haul flights (except Virgin) are handled by the company I work for (NAS). And all the factor you’ve used to judge the carriers (with the exception of interiors, food and in-flight entertainment) are handled by us too!

    But either way BA and Luftansa are far superior airlines and have strict guideliens to follow when it comes to passenger comfort. One of my worst flight ever was a Turkish Airlines flight about 2 years ago. I think they were using an Antonov aircraft that was horrendously noisy and there was this wierd squeaking sound that made us feel like it was going to fall apart! The service was appalling and in-flight entertainment was non-existent. (Unless you think one channel showing an old black & white movie is state-of-the-art)

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