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The Way Back


We checked out of the hotel at 6:30pm, and we went to the Dubai Airport to check-in for our 9:00pm flight. We only had carry ons and we were checking into Economy but we tried a trick from the last Dubai trip and it worked for check-in. Usually for business and economy there are long lines, but for economy they were longer.

TIP: For checking in you can go to the Excess Baggage counter and check in there instead of the normal lines, and usually there are only two or three people there at most because they don’t you know can check-in there. And it was the same lady from last time.

Dubai Duty Free:

I have to say that Dubai Duty free has some very good deals on electronics. Some of them are even priced as low as Amazon items, and they have a large selection of magazines in one compact area. Its always fun walking around there.

After finishing up from the Duty Free we went Costa Coffee to get something quick to drink before boarding the plane. Two of us boarded before the other two since they weren’t done with the Duty Free. We had four seats right next to each other and four of the rowdiest kids in front of us. A baby wailing his little head off, I couldn’t block it out because he kept changing the tone.

TIP 2: if you are on the BOEING planes then you will have the update I.C.E(Entertainment System) and when you are on the AIRBUS planes then you will have the old systems.

With the ICE system you can watch a movie before take-off and after landing, but on this flight we didn’t. The other problem was that the plane’s A/C wasn’t working so it was getting very very stuffy and irritating. I really was happy when we took off, but it could have been cooler.

Kuwait Airport was something else, it was like herding sheep with a bunch of monkeys running around. It was insane, not the amount of people but the way things were being handled very very sad. The whole trip was fun as hell and we were laughing like crazy.