Becker Highspeed 7934


Becker is out of Germany, and the company is a subsidiary of Harman International Inc. which owns other companies which you would be familiar with such as JBL, Infinity, Harmon Kardon, and Lexicon. I saw this product in the Harmon Kardon shop in Mall of the Emirates. I have been thinking about a GPS Unit for the whole Gulf in the Landcruiser but I haven’t really looked into it and the Garmin units were too complicated for my use, so I was looking for something simpler and I found it.


Main Functions:

  • Navigation
  • Picture Viewer
  • Music Player


  • 3.5″ Touch Screen Display
  • Navigation in GCC & 37 European Countries
  • 1 GB SD-Card (Included, and up to 2 GB)
  • MP3 Sound By SD-Card
  • Picture Viewer
  • Powerful Processor allowing for MP3/WMA playback while Navigating
  • Voice Navigation in a choice of 17 Languages

dsc03923.jpgI have already installed the GPS unit in the Landcruiser and has been very useful, but with a GPS Syncronization time sometimes takes too long. I got some testing to do with all the different functionalities but after a little use I’m really happy with the results but there are a few things to work out.

Link: Becker









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  1. zahed

    i want one where did you buy it from

  2. Cool device, though I personally don’t think GPS is required in Kuwait

  3. This is cool. I like the view it has! Sure beats the regular birds eye view.

    On a side note, I just found sanshero and kenshin (seisouhen director’s cut) on mininova.

  4. Garmin C330 is really great! I like the way in which they show the maps! How much you got this for? and this one supports POI?

  5. 1. mabrok
    2. pretty nifty
    3. getting lost can be fun and adventures at times :p

  6. hey man, how much did you grab that for?!

  7. also, can you mount it or do you have to stick it up on the window?!

  8. zahed: Dubai store!

    chikapappi: It does help when you drive arouond a lot, I have found it useful, but I’m using it more for MP3s and long trips across the Gulf.

    N.: yeah it has the birdseye view and 3D view which is good! Wow! Now thats old school!

    CyberRowdy: I know that C330 is good but didn’t fit my needs! I got this for 180 KD! And it does support POI, and there are alot of them, its driving me nuts!

    Laialy: thanks! loooool, getting lost is hilarious as long you don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time!

    Stafa: Around 180KD from Dubai!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: 180KD, give or take a few!

    Jacqui: I will mention the price with the review in a few weeks!

    Stafa: yes you can mount it to anything, but if you want to mount it on something other then the window you need to drill it in! Which would be a permanent mount!

  9. dnaq8

    180 KD with the map ?

  10. Cyber: I remember that!

    dnaq8: yup both GCC and Europe maps!

  11. Wow nice !! I really would like to buy a gps, do you advice me to buy this ?? I dont care about the price, I just want an excellent navi to use, I am in uae btw.

    Why didn you buy the newer version 7988 ?

  12. Tartoob: The difference is having the extra feature of Live Traffice which isn’t available in the middle east so your better off with the other one. You should wait for the 7 inch screen!

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