Kuwait Airport Update


There are wings to Kuwait Airport, and they have updated one of them, as soon as you walk out of immigration its the wing right in front of you with Gates 4 and 5. The changes do look very nice, they gave it a good face lift with a clean clear look removing the old looking glass previously there.


They also opened the new Duty Free which isn’t too bad and reasonably priced items when we were going through it. The one thing that still annoys me is the lack of magazines, its the first thing I look for in an Airport but it seems it will be like this for while.


They are still working on the other two wings, but Kuwait Airport needs a major expansion and their website can only be said to be visually painful with outdated information. The most annoying thing in Kuwait Airport is the weak wireless signal all over the airport. It would only take an investment of 1000KD to flood the whole airport with commercial level access points.














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  1. Purgatory

    I do no t like the color chairs, and I am sure only reason they did it was because it benefited someone.

    The whole airport has to be destroyed and rebuilt.

  2. only 1000 KD? I am not convinced. coz such places need scalable and reliable APs like cisco for eg:, which could cost several thousand dollars for a single piece of AP equipment…..unless they wanna go with d-link :D

  3. humm yeah I agree colored chairs? what’s that about..

  4. kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
    “define girlfriend”
    was that a t-shirt???

  5. I agree.. the airport should be rebuilt or leave it as it is and open a brand new one.. infrastructure of it does suck! ohhh and the website (http://kuwait-airport.com.kw/) LOL its TOO pink! Like breast cancer campaign pink! eeeeek!

  6. The wesbite is absurdly pink, that’s true! But you know they’re pretty good about updating it when it comes to delays and stuff. I usually check it before going to pick someone up from the airport.

    That’s shocking for me that it only takes KD 1000 to provide internet all over the airport. That would be a good way to kill time once you’re inside the gate and waiting. Otherwise you can go to Starbucks if you have time, I think it’s for free there.

  7. jewaira

    This is what blogging is all about :)

  8. Purg: yeah I think they had Skittles in mind when they put the chairs! I agree but then how do we leave if its destroyed!

    Cyber: You can get a couple of good access points for that! 5 Cisco APs with a decent discount!

    N.: No clue!

    Laialy: yup, that is a t-shirt! hehehe!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Its not as good as supposed to be!

    Ansam: The airport needs an expansion and overhaul! The airport website is blinding!

    1001: It needs a lot of work, as a person who knows the backend of websites it is just horrible! They could get any good company to do it and they will overhaul it correctly! That is about it, with a couple of strong antennas and you are there!

    jewaira: yup!

  9. Duckie

    Airport’s website looks like shades of Baskin Robins

  10. Guys since I work at the airport let me let you in on a little secret. The reason the airport is themed pink (that includes the chairs, the signage and even the website) is because that was the favourite color of the former Director General of the Civial Aviation Authrities (DGCA). Obvisouly the new guy isn’t a big Baskin Robbins fan so they’re gradually switching to black.

    The webitse is develped internally by a bunch of web developers who work on Pentium IIIs (the PC actually resemble 386 & 486 PC ATs and XTs) and the head of their IT department is someone who’s got a diploma in some kind of IT operation about a decade ago!

    Go figure!!!

    PS – Love the T-Shirt btw

  11. 1000kd is more than enough if you know what your doing .. hell, I could probably do it for 400kd and still have cash left over.

  12. Duckie: yup! It does!

    barryuno: thanks for the info! I was curious as to how they were developing it!

    K: yup! thats for sure!

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