My IT Overhaul


I have been thinking about formating my main PC for a while now since it feels very slow, and there can be a number of improvements that I can make after learning from my mistakes. What accelerated the issue was two things, I blew the power unit inside the power supply in my small PC, and my big old PC is making some very strange sound.

I went straight to professional computer to get my PC fixed and check my options for my next build. They have a very good selection goods so its worth checking out.

After fixing of PC number 2, I have a few upgrades in mind for PC number 1.

  • My Power supply was fixed for 5 KD, which is fantastic to get it back the same day. I was told a transistor inside the power supply burned out so they had to replace it.

Upgrades (For Old Big PC):

  • Upgrade sound card to X-Fi
  • Upgrade to DVD-/+ R/RW for one drive
  • Full Clean Install
  • Maybe XFX 8800 GTS

I will be thinking about this upgrade while looking at the new PC.

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  1. G-Funk

    Headaches ….. Headaches!! Over & over again…
    man how many times have you formated your pc’s in the past few months !!! I’m starting to realize that you life would be (work, Anime, & formating pc’s) . Get a life man.. get a MAC!

  2. if you are planning for a new PC, go for fan less powersupply and fan less heatsink mech for proc. even expensive stupid fans are silent for the first year only…afterwards….wrooom wroom

  3. ٌregarding the power supply, check that you are not overloading it, most of the problems that happen because of this.

    I’ve never thought that power supply (s) could be fixed !

    thanks for this info

    btw, I finally bought a Logitech wireless trackball

    أخيرا !! , والفضل يرجع لأحد البوستات السابقة لك


  4. Angel_Of_Deth

    is the name of the shop “professional computers” or is it just a nickname?!

    ‘casue i am looking for a place with a good selection of hardware to choose from, and akeed good prices!!

  5. Waleed

    I am building a new PC with the following components
    Case Thermaltake Kandalf Aluminum
    Power Supply Thermaltake 850W
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66
    Asus Motherboard P5KC
    PCI Express Asus 8600GTS
    Seagate 750GB (and I will but my old SATA drives)
    Kingston Hyperx 4GB DDR2
    Samsung DVD Writer

  6. I’ve commented this morning on this post and i think that it was deleted for some reason or another. but anyhow .. You’ll spend the rest of your life either formating or rebooting or fixing, tweaking and updating drivers and DLL’s . This is the 4th time within a month you talk about re-formating your PC’s .. goodluck …. enjoy living in windows world !!!

  7. Waleed get a core 2 Quatro since you’re going to the extreme with everything else

  8. sam

    Where were you able to fix the PC’s power supply in Kuwait? Thanks!

  9. G-Funk: I enjoy modifying, fixing PCs is always fun when you get it right! Also you forgot to add motorcycles!

    CyberRowdy: That would be interesting to apply, any recommendations for power supplies?

    لمياء الحالمة: I don’t think I am, its only 250Watts nothing too crazy! I know they could be fixed but they have to take a lot of time! No prob! Congrats on the mouse! hehehe

    Waleed: Thats a good setup but go for the Core 2 Quatro instead since your going all out, and go for the 8800 GTS instead of the 8600 GTS.

    G-Funk: its the first one!!! I’m enjoying it!

    eliedh: I agree with you!

    sam: at Professional Computers!

  10. Marzouq : There’s a difference between fixing PC’s and upgrading PC’s. Fixing when they become faulty and upgrading when you want to get more out of your pc . Formatting and re configuring your pc a couple of times a month is not upgrading . There’s time and effort waisted in getting things to work properly (not efficiently) in windows based PC’s . Most other Operating systems (Not mac’s in specific ) don’t need that much time to be waisted in them . that’s when you become more productive than trying to get it to work .

    It’s nothing against you.. It’s more of having a PC to Help me be more productive and focused than annoyed and frustrated . Windows based PC’s stand in your way . while other OS’s will stay out of your way and make you focus on the stuff you want to accomplish . That’s the point i want to make. (the bikes is something else . It has nothing to do with Microsoft ) . :-)

  11. Waleed

    Marzouq, eliedh
    I appreciate what your suggesting but I am trying to balance my budget with what I need from the PC.

    I have now Mac Mini but I am planning to get a Mac after Apple releases Leopard. Any suggestions i.e. mini or imac or mac book pro?

  12. Waleed:

    Depends on your budget and what you want to use it for ? do you want a laptop or a desktop ?

    the iMacs are about to change soon this year and apple might release new think and light laptops soon too .

    To keep up with the latest updates in the mac world head over to

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