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My IT Overhaul


I have been thinking about formating my main PC for a while now since it feels very slow, and there can be a number of improvements that I can make after learning from my mistakes. What accelerated the issue was two things, I blew the power unit inside the power supply in my small PC, and my big old PC is making some very strange sound.

I went straight to professional computer to get my PC fixed and check my options for my next build. They have a very good selection goods so its worth checking out.

After fixing of PC number 2, I have a few upgrades in mind for PC number 1.

  • My Power supply was fixed for 5 KD, which is fantastic to get it back the same day. I was told a transistor inside the power supply burned out so they had to replace it.

Upgrades (For Old Big PC):

  • Upgrade sound card to X-Fi
  • Upgrade to DVD-/+ R/RW for one drive
  • Full Clean Install
  • Maybe XFX 8800 GTS

I will be thinking about this upgrade while looking at the new PC.