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When you are in Dubai you really don’t feel like you are in a Gulf Country, that is a good and bad thing. All these towers and people living there from all over the world. The one thing which is a little confusing is that people who are there are from all parts of the literaly from every continent living and working there. You are dealing with so many different nationalities yet there isn’t one speicific way to deal with all of them.


All the amount of good looking women is just insane, forget about when you go out at night to specific place, I’m talking about just going to a shopping mall. Its as if cut-outs of Stuff and Maxim magazine were walking around the mall. Its a very crazy mix of people, and from so many different cultures. I think one of the key factors which makes Dubai successful is that they make everyone feel welcome. I think its nice to visit, but I wouldn’t be able to live there.









A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I agree with you on this post, especially not being able to live there. Dubai is an interesting city and I am waiting to see what it will be like ten years from now.

  2. “but I wouldn’t be able to live there” even though i have never been there and i only hear about it, one of my school mates in th US was talking about how he would love to live is Dubai and i said that it might be nice to visit but not to live there …

  3. well, Ive never been there too…But I totally agree with you, I think Dubai is about shopping, business, and tourism. I cant imagine myself living there, it looks so fake.
    I still want to visit it someday.

  4. Zahed


  5. Well Kuwait also is growing… downtown Kuwait looks like a catwalk with models as well… you see, the buildings (or Kuwait skyscrapers :-P) are tall and thin like models strolling down the runway.. smelly in sharq! But what the hey! its HOME! and home sweet home.. have you noticed something! I have been nagging!! I need to travel LOL

  6. knafa

    “but I wouldn’t be able to live there”

    why not?

  7. whateva said…Kuwait is special….Although I am not a son of this land, I miss Kuwait a lot when I travel outside…I luv kuwait…..kuwait…watanil kuwait….watanil kuwait….watanil kuwait!

  8. Q8expat

    .. I was brought up in Dubai… long time ago.. I have seen it grow….. after sometime everything will get you in Dubai….the buildings the people and not to say the least “Traffic”… Well….I like Kuwait.. its quite…people are OK…at least people will remember you if you happen to meet them twice…. (in some places)….

  9. zahed

    zook lets go have a shawerma ABNEEEEEEEEE

  10. jewaira

    The amount of construction going on all at once is just mind boggling

  11. Zahra: I hope they keep things as nice as they currently are, and develop for that level of expansion!

    Laialy: Its nice to visit but it just doesn’t feel like a place you can call home!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Its worth going there, but living there wouldn’t be on my priority list!

    Zahed: yup!

    Ansam: Kuwait is growing and I’m hoping for a lot of improvements! Its home, thats for sure! And yes you need to travel!

    knafa: It just doesn’t give that feeling of being a home, somewhere you can call your own. It doesn’t have its own people, its always a really different mix. Thats the feeling I have for it, I enjoy some parts of it but some parts it just doesn’t feel like a person can really belong!

    Cyber: I know a lot of people that say that! they make Kuwait their own!

    Q8expat: loool! Yeah Kuwait has is positives and negatives like any other city including Dubai. Kuwait has that personal touch where you know it!

    zahed: Im going to kill you!

    jewaira: very true, its non-stop they are always building! All the time!

  12. Spot on you guys! I had a similar post on my blog about a few days ago. I have been there a zillion times since 2000 and the amount of development that’s happening there is insane! It’s like a bubble and if they don’t control the expansion while they can I think it’s going to burst.

    While on one hand they have a great way of getting things done (they run the emirate like a corporation) and make everyone feel welcome on the other hand everything seems quite fake with almost everyone sporting a fake British accent throwing in endearing words like “darling”, “sweetheart” and “baby” for extra measure!!!

    All said, I have to agree with Marzouq on the women – the amount of hot women in Dubai is ridiculously insane! It’s like you’re walking through a Calvin Klein commercial!

  13. I agree with K.

    Tried living in Both and its a major major difference.

    K: Wife is out of town next week, want to come for the weekend and hit the ski??? Bring big B along.

  14. lfc-q8

    dubai for me is like vegas its fun to visit but not to live in

  15. barryuno: That is it, there is a lot of fake to it, but the amount of women is just insane!

    K: yes yes.. 100/100

    fadibou: looooool!

    lfc-q8: Vegas is a whole other ball game!

  16. Talal

    When I was a kid growing up in Abu Dhabi, waaaaay back in the early 90s, a trip to Dubai was something you always looked forward to. Compared to the small, compact, “home-y” capital, Dubai was like a different world, even back then. There were a lot of “ajaanib”, the buildings were low (except for the row of buildings on Sheikh Zayed Road), everything was so spread out….All that seemed to give the city an incredible cosmopolitan-ness that was totally lacking in Abu Dhabi.

    There were only 2 or 3 malls worth going to back then–BurJuman, Wafi Centre (it wasn’t a city yet lol), and Al Ghurair Centre (old, dark, depressing). BurJuman was our favorite so we’d almost always go there first, for lunch (Combo #3 from the Chinese restaurant in the food court=Heaven on Earth) and a quick tour of the many shops we could only dream of having in Abu Dhabi. Then we’d cross the Garhoud and go for a drive around Deira. Later in the day we’d end up in Wafi or in its vicinity for some coffee (the parents) and cake (my brother and I), before the long drive back home. Back then the first sign of Dubai was the Forte Grand Jumeirah Beach (now the Le Royal Meridien), and even that was “far” from Dubai proper.

    Now, when I go back home during my breaks, I still make it a point to go to Dubai, at least once. But I don’t like the way Dubai’s turned out. I’m all for progress, but I feel that in Dubai’s rush to become the next Las Vegas or Hong Kong or Milan or whatever it has lost a lot of what made it special for me.

    Ten years ago, one of my dreams was to live in an apartment on Sheikh Zayed Road, or in the blue/white building behind Wafi.

    Not anymore.

  17. Talal: I agree with you that it has changed in a way making it too different. Dubai in the 90s used to give me a feel of an open area which was nice. At this point it has lost that feeling, it had more of a home feel to it before but now it feels completely detached.

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